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Vivian, an aspiring actress is the first to show up for an audition with Cherish. But
no one is in the studio. Vivian is dressed in a form fitting sweater, a tight white
skirt, bare legs, and white heels, carrying a tote bag. She preens in a full length
mirror, admiring her figure and long blonde hair. We notice her visible panty lines
under her skirt. She sits in a chair, bored & anxious. She crosses and recrosses her
legs, and we see teasing, upskirt peeks. Above her is a note regarding the audition
wardrobe requirements, but she doesn't notice it. Instead, her hand softly presses
between her legs. Suddenly, Melba enters, breaking Vivian's reverie. Melba is very
tall and lean, with her brunette hair pulled tightly in a bun. She wears a sheer
white blouse and a very tight above-the-knee skirt, stockings, and high heels. She
wears glasses, and we see her braces when she smiles at Vivian. If you look closely,
you can see her panty lines, and garter belt straps holding up her back seamed
stockings. She also has a small tote bag. After quick introductions, both girls are
surprised Cherish, the casting director, is not present. Melba notices the note above
Vivian's head regarding the wardrobe requirements. Among the demands, Melba reads
"…you must wear stockings, high heels, garter belt, and bra which is predominately
lace." Vivian and Melba note they haven't worn all the proper undergarments. Reading
further, they learn there is a small lingerie chest containing appropriate lingerie
choices, just in case.

But first, Vivian and Melba place their tote bags on a table to see if they have the
necessary lingerie. We see the girls examine several lacy bras, stockings, etc., then
move to the lingerie drawers. Lacy, silky, sexy undergarments are examined as each
girl holds an article to their clothed bodies. Vivian, takes a white lace garter
belt, pulls up her skirt, and slips on the garter belt over her sheer, tight, full
bottom panties. Next, we see very close shots as she puts on back seamed stockings
and hooks them to her garters, featuring front and fanny shots. Melba, who has
smaller breasts, is not so lucky finding the proper bra.

Just then, Cherish enters quietly and watches the girls with amusement. Cherish is
attired in glasses, a dark skirt suit, white blouse, stockings and high heels. The
girls are surprised with her entrance. Cherish asks if the girls misunderstood the
wardrobe requirements, and they admit they did. Cherish first asks Vivian to show her
the garter belt and stockings. Vivian lifts her skirt slowly and erotically allowing
Cherish to drink in the view. Melba admits she doesn't have the appropriate bra.
She's told by Cherish to go to a nearby lingerie store and purchase a new bra. Melba
exits. Cherish asks Vivian to show her more bras from her tote bag. As Vivian scours
her bag, Cherish sneaks up behind her and forces a cloth over Vivian's nose and mouth.
A skirmish ensues, Vivian struggling and kicking to get free. We see Vivian's skirt
slowly inch up her legs, seeing the top of her nylons, garter straps, and white
panties. Vivian is overcome by the cloth and sags to the floor, her skirt now
hiked up to her hips. Cherish gazes at the beautiful, sleeping woman, then slowly
undresses Vivian while she's on the floor, sensually taking off her sweater and skirt,
lightly fondling her bra-covered breasts, and fingering her garters, and stocking tops.

A bit later, Melba returns with a new bra. She's stunned to see Vivian, woozy and
rope tied to a pole, dressed only in her under clothing, stockings and heels. Cherish
calmly explains Vivian is simply acting out a scene for the audition, while taking
snapshots of Vivian. She insists Melba take off her skirt and blouse, to determine if
her body and new bra are acceptable. Melba modestly slips off her skirt, then, with
her back turned to Cherish, puts on a sexy black lace bra. Cherish pounces on her
prey with the cloth in hand, knocking Melba to her hands and knees on the floor.
Cherish is vicious in her attack. Melba's glasses go flying as Cherish straddles her
like she's riding a pony. Finally, Melba succumbs, falling face-first on the floor.
Cherish drags Melba by the feet to a chair. Vivian moans softly, her hands tied above
her head, her legs straddling the thin pole in order to remain standing. Cherish uses
rope and ties Melba's stocking feet to the chair legs, as well as binding her arms
and chest to the rungs of the chair. Feeling secure she's done her job, Cherish
leaves to run an errand.

During her absence, Vivian and Melba awake, shocked at the terrible turn of events.
Melba is the first to break free of her bounds, then assists Vivian in getting free.
The two don't understand the intent of Cherish, but they know it's a foul act, and
conspire to seek revenge. When Cherish returns, she is immediately attacked by Melba
and Vivian, forced on to a daybed, and overwhelmed. The girls, still in their
underwear, remove Cherish's suit, leaving her in a very sheer black merry widow,
stockings, panties and heels. They tie her hands and feet to each end of the daybed,
as Cherish wakes up and begins to struggle to get free. She's no match for Vivian and
Melba who tickle and prod Cherish to tell them the real intent behind the fake
audition. Cherish explains she's been hired by a very wealthy client to "stage" these
kinds of auditions. In a stunning admission, Cherish tells the girls she's got a hidden
video camera to document the girls dressing and undressing, as well as all the
struggling and bondage. Vivian finds the video camera hidden under a table. We see the
camera's point of view as Vivian records Cherish tied to the day bed. Melba says aloud,
"Well, if that's what this jerk wants, that's what he'll get!" We see the girls put
make-up on the uncooperative Cherish, turning her into a "tart". Next, the girls tie
her to the pole, gagging Cherish with a stocking and add a sign "ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS
ASK". Melba and Vivian, now dressed, exit, leaving Cherish to struggle against the

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