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Four suburban women participate in a "Book Club". They read and review different
literary works. CHERISH, the founder of the club, overhears RACHEL ROSE, MELODY, and
MARILYN PASCHEN say they're getting bored with the club. Cherish surprises the group
with an invitation visit to an art gallery instead, which seems very interesting to
the other women. We see the women getting into Cherish's SUV, and the luscious,
awkward upskirt shots as they struggle to get into the large vehicle. As they chat on
the way to the gallery, we see the tops of their nylons and lacy slip hems. Again,
we're rewarded as the women, one by one, exit the SUV, showing us the color of their
panties, stockings, and garterbelts when they reach the gallery. The gallery seems
unusual to the ladies. Cherish informs them it's a gallery show of "EROTIC ART", and
suggests they open their minds to "the darker side of life". Rachel and Marilyn are
confused by one picture. It's too abstract. Suddenly, Rachel sees that it's a
lithograph of a woman's "private parts". Melody joins in and concurs by saying,
"She's right! It's a vagina". Cherish enjoys the revelation. Rachel describes the
work as pornographic. Marilyn suggests the gallery be shut down.

Cherish literally forces the women to roam the premises. The women agree to do so,
under duress. Now alone, Cherish produces a cloth, smirking at her scheme. She opens
the restroom door, revealing her male SLAVE, his head covered with a leather shroud.
He's eager to participate in Cherish's adventure; she pushes him back into the
bathroom and tells him to wait and slams the door. Melody leans in to one picture,
seeing the intricate erotic detail. Her expression is negative as Cherish sneaks up
behind her and applies the cloth to Melody's face. Melody fights and struggles,
kicking, exposing her stocking clad legs, white garter belt, and lavender, full
bottom panties. She slumps to the floor, taking Cherish with her. Melody is sprawled
on the floor, unaware of her open legs as Cherish takes off her suit, noticing it's a
Chanel "knock off". Melody lays helpless in a lacy pink bra, her panties, garter
belt, stockings and heels.

Cherish's slave picks up the sleeping Melody, tossing her over his shoulder, fondling
her panty-clad fanny as he takes her down the stairs into the basement dungeon. He
places her face-down over a spanking bench, fondling her breasts and lovely, round
bottom. He takes his leather-clad head and sticks it between her legs from behind,
spanks her lightly and plays with her stockings and garters. In another part of the
gallery, Marilyn shakes her head in disgust at the art. Cherish attacks her with a
fresh cloth. The two fight intensely, but Cherish is too much for Marilyn as she
squirms on the ground, kicking her feet high in the air, showing us her pink panties,
black garter belt, and stockings, until she succumbs. Cherish takes her time
undressing Marilyn, showing us the white, lacy demi-cup bra, panties, garter belt,
stockings, and heels.  She gently fondles Marilyn's legs and breasts until her slave
carries her over his shoulder through the gallery and into the basement. The slave
places her into a vertical steel cage. Marilyn's woozy and remains erect as the slave
comes behind the cage and fondles her breasts, pulling down her bra, and sensually
runs his hand along her panty-covered crotch. Although Marilyn isn't fully awake, she
reveals she's erotically charged by the slave's activity. In the gallery, Cherish
approaches Rachel who is seated near the door, no longer interested in looking at the
art. Rachel is insulted Cherish has taken her friends to this fetish gallery, and
demands to know who owns it. Cherish is proud to say she's the owner, which shocks
Rachel, as she displays an "ethical snit". Cherish forces Rachel against the wall and
informs her that she knows Rachel's been having an affair with Cherish's husband.
Seeking her ultimate vengeance, Cherish attacks Rachel. The two fight intensely,
wrestling one another to a couch then the floor, where Cherish finally gets the best
of Rachel.

In the basement, the slave ties Rachel to a St. Andrew's cross while she's dressed
only in a full white slip, white garter belt, ivory lacy full bottom panties, and a
very expensive beige see-through bra. Again, the slave indulges himself with Rachel,
fondling and exposing her breasts and nipples, and rubbing his head between her legs
and breasts. In the gallery, Cherish is impatient, waiting for the slave to come
upstairs. But the slave is with Melody, placing her face-up on the spanking bench,
pulling down her pink lacy bra, licking her nipples and touching her panty-clad
parts. She moans in ecstasy and resistance. When the slave reappears upstairs, he
falls to his hands and knees in front of his mistress, Cherish. She interrogates him
regarding his activity in the basement, asking if he had played with the girls. He
shakes his head "no". Cherish slaps him and asks again. He denies any involvement.
Cherish slaps him again. He finally admits his indulgence by nodding "yes". Cherish
kicks him in his parts as he crawls back into his bathroom. In the basement, Cherish
takes off her coat and skirt, revealing her lacy black see-through bra, black lace
full-bottom panties, black 6 strap garter belt and heels, getting prepared to play
openly with her conquests. Her first course is Melody, seated and bound with a ball
gag to silence her relentless ranting. Cherish sits on her lap facing her, forcing
her gorgeous cleavage into Melody's face. Melody's defiance excites Cherish. She
slaps exposed portions of Melody's fanny and thighs, as well as pulling her nipples
from her bra, twisting & tweaking them as Melody goes from outrage to erotic thrill.

Cherish moves to the caged defiance of Marilyn. She fondles her breasts, softly
enticing her by moving her hand between Marilyn's legs, stroking the silky crotch of
her pink panties. Marilyn's objections soften with Cherish's caresses, allowing
Cherish to bind her head to toe with thick black tape, constraining her, as she is
spanked and tweaked. Finally, Cherish attends to her main nemesis, Rachel, who is
restrained on the St. Andrew's cross, in her slip and heels. Cherish takes her time
with Rachel, fondling her 34D breasts, pulling her slip and bra on and off them, as
Rachel's hips push toward Cherish. She teases Rachel, fondling her ivory-covered
triangle and nipples, winding and sliding her hands into Rachel's garters and
stockings, using her nails to tear them and exposing her skin through the nylon
fabric. Keeping with her plan of vengeance, Cherish takes scissors, enticingly
cutting the straps of Rachel's slip straps, then moving to the hem of the slip,
cutting upward, ruining the expensive slip, while revealing more of Rachel's garters,
no longer effectively holding up her ripped stockings. Rachel's objections are
finally muted when Cherish gags her with a stocking and continues redesigning
Rachel's expensive lingerie. The scissors carefully cut away Rachel's bra, revealing
her nipples. Cherish goes about slicing Rachel's bra, cutting away the sheer lace
away from her flesh, until only the fabric below Rachel's breasts are supported by
very small, thin strips of lacy mesh. Pleased with her captives, Cherish exits the
dungeon as we watch Melody, Marilyn, and Rachel struggle in a futile attempt to
flee the dank dungeon.

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