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We enjoy watching LAURA PALMER walk down the street of a city. She's dressed in a
beautifully fitting blue business suit, her back seamed nylons are subtle, yet razor
straight. She enters a camera shop, looking for a gift. In the background, we see a
huge figure working behind a wall of blinds, although Laura doesn't notice him. She
finds a lovely frame and moves to the counter to pay. Little does she know the figure
behind the blinds has been watching her through the slats. From out of nowhere, Laura
is attacked from behind, a cloth placed over her nose and mouth by the huge,
male character. She's no match for the man, known as BIG LEW, as she is flung around
like a rag doll, revealing her beige stockings, black half slip, black garter belt,
tucked under her pink and blue flowered full bottom panties.

Dumped on the floor, Big Lew admires his work. Outside, MELODY looks around in
confusion, holding a city map and CHINESE TO ENGLISH dictionary. Lost, she seeks help
in the camera shop. As she peeks in the window, she just misses seeing Big Lew drag
Laura's sleeping body behind his counter, her skirt hiked up around her hips. Melody
timidly enters the store going to the counter. She says "Hello? Anybody here?" in
broken English. Lew appears from under the counter. His size intimidates Melody, and
she reverts to Chinese, backing away. Lew motions for the map. "You lost?" he asks.
Melody nods. "Find Detroit? Motown City?" Upon closer inspection, Lew says, "This is a
map of Chicago. And you're in Detroit". Melody is frightened by Lew's size and
intensity. Speaking Chinese, she backs toward the door, but is intercepted by Lew with
a cloth in hand. She screams and kicks, fighting Lew's strength. He forces her
to the ground, as Melody continues to kick and fight, showing us her beige stockings,
white garter belt, and black panties. She succumbs to the attack, her legs spread
wide open, allowing us to see every detail under her skirt.

Lew exits the store, carrying Melody over his shoulder in broad daylight. He puts her
in the rear of his SUV, tucking her next to Laura as we gaze upon their panty covered
bottoms and the porcelain flesh between their panties and nylon tops. He gets in the
driver's side and leaves. In the meantime, we see GINGER BURKE, dressed in an elegant
black leather floor length gown, pacing, with a phone to her ear. Her breasts bulge out
of the dress as she sighs in frustration. "Where is he?" she asks herself. "If he
closed the store to go play, I'm going to kick his butt!"

We next find the girls in their bras, panties, garter belts, stockings and high heels,
bent over a spanking bench in a dank, stone dungeon, their fannies perky and ready for
the sting of Lew's hand. Lew has a field day trading heavy-handed swats on Laura's and
Melody's fanny. The girls scream through their stocking gags, helplessly trying to get
free of the rope bondage on their ankles and outstretched wrists. Suddenly, Ginger
enters, shocked at Lew's appropriation of these unknown women. She grabs Lew by his
ponytail and drags him to the door, demanding him to return to the store and continue
working. Now alone with the luscious women, Ginger takes a serious interest in the two,
sensually spanking them, fondling their fannies and breasts. She releases each girl
separately, retying them to a vertical pole. She plays with each, becoming more
interested in her unexpected bounty, admiring the black lace mesh of Laura's bra, her
flower print panties and formfitting stockings, then fondling Melody's full breasts
tucked into her white bra, her silky black full-bottom panties and white six strap
garter belt. Unfortunately, Ginger has to leave to attend a dinner, but promises to
return and enjoy the two women. After her departure, we watch as Laura and Melody help
each other get free of their rope bondage and gags. Knowing Ginger will return, the two
scheme to seek revenge. As Ginger eagerly reenters the dungeon, she's shocked to see
no girls, but just clumps of rope on the ground. She's immediately attacked by Laura
and Melody, who cover her nose and mouth with a cloth. Ginger's forced to the ground as
Laura works the cloth and Melody tries to keep her arms and legs from flailing. We're
treated to Ginger's black stocking legs kicking in the air, hooked to a black girdle
over white panties.

She finally goes to sleep and the girls take off her blue polka dotted skirt and
white blouse, revealing Ginger's ample breasts in a white, lacy, sheer bra. They drag
her by her high heeled feet into another area of the dungeon. They tie her in ropes,
binding her arms and breasts, with a crotch rope forming a lovely valley between her
legs. To keep her quiet, they apply a bit gag to her. Laura and Melody indulge
themselves with Ginger, teasing her with feathers and wispy whips, teasingly spanking
and fondling her. They remove her breasts from her bra, then the two take out their own
breasts and fondly rub themselves on Ginger. Without much effort, they find Ginger is
terribly ticklish as they poke her in the ribs and finger the bottom of her feet in
gorgeous strappy heels. Satisfied with the revenge on Ginger, the two find their
clothes and leave the dungeon. Ginger's screams are muffled through the gag bit
as they exit.

Later, Lew comes back to the dungeon, hopefully to play with Laura and Melody. He's
disappointed to find the room empty, but hears Ginger's pleas for help from the other
room. He enters to find his Mistress completely helpless, trussed in her rope bindings,
bit gag, and crotch rope between her stocking covered legs. Immediately he approaches
Ginger, who assumes he's going to free her. Instead Lew begins to fondle and torture
Ginger's breasts, aggressively attacking her nipples and yanking on the crotch rope,
infuriating Ginger. Ginger's ire gives Lew second thoughts, and he ultimately relents
and frees her from her binds, to find himself once again, the slave of Ginger.

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