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Skylar St.James & Brandon.

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SKYLAR is a pretty, up and coming young executive with a great future and great
apartment. BRANDON has been staking out her digs for a number of weeks, learning her
arrival and departure times. As planned, he enters her apartment through her bedroom
window while she's at work. He busily rifles through all of her drawers, looking for
anything valuable. He's disappointed with the results. He opens her night stand drawer
to find a number of sex toys. Deciding he'll get something for his efforts, he awaits
her return from work. Skylar enters the apartment, exhausted from an intense day of
work. Her form fitting blue suit accentuates her cute figure. Instead of turning on the
TV and relaxing, Skylar drops to the couch, tucks her feet up, and falls right asleep.

When all seems quiet, Brandon exits from behind the shower curtain in the bathroom.
Without a sound, he moves to Skylar's sleeping figure and gazes on her lovely form. He
pulls out a cloth and gently places it over Skylar's mouth and nose. She struggles
against the attack, her pantyhose covered legs kicking in the air. Underneath her
pantyhose, we see her lovely cotton panties covering her secret area. She gives in to
the cloth, slumping limply into the couch. Brandon scans her sleeping form, sliding his
hands along her legs and thighs and suit-covered breasts, revealing the lacy hem of her
slip and the tightness of her pantyhose against her white panties, the form of her
secret parts clearly defined through her panties. Brandon rolls her over and slowly
unzips her skirt. He then rolls her onto her back and releases the buttons of her suit
jacket. We watch as he slowly removes her jacket, skirt and pantyhose and half slip,
leaving her in her bra and panties. He picks her up in his arms and carries her into
the bedroom, her panty clad fanny clearly visible to us. In the bedroom, Brandon dumps
her on the bed, and fondles her bra-covered breasts, thighs and private triangle, still
covered by panties. He gags her with tape and patiently ties her spread-eagle to the
bed. Skylar awakes and is shocked to find herself in such a compromised situation,
seeing Brandon in an eye mask, dressed in black. He watches as she struggles, excited
by her movements, her nipples peeking from her bra, her parts creased into her panties,
defining her lovely valley.

Brandon pulls a knife from his pocket and moves onto the bed with the wide-eyed Skylar.
Deliberately, he cuts off her bra between her breasts and fondles her pert nipples.
Then he slides his knife up the hip of her cotton panties and slices them off, slowly
pulling them away from her pelvis, revealing her lovely blonde patch. Along with
Brandon, we gaze upon Skylar's naked, compromised body. Skylar is confused with the
encroachment of Brandon, and doesn't understand what he wants. Brandon goes to the
nightstand and pulls out one of Skylar's toys, and lubricant. Skylar begins to
understand what Brandon wants. Skylar chooses the Toy. Brandon adjusts Skylar's bindings,
so she has more freedom, then gets on the bed with Skylar. He hands her the lubricant
and TOY, stating "If you show me how well you can please yourself, you will
live. If you fail to have an orgasm, I will slice you up" Skylar applies the lubricant,
and slowly begins to run the dildo on her sensitivities. Brandon moves closer to Skylar
and fondles her thighs and breasts as Skylar becomes more focused on her mission.

We are Brandon's eyes as we closely watch the movement of the TOY as Skylar's hips raise
off the bed as Brandon sucks and fondles her breasts. Skylar's moaning becomes more
intense with her self-pleasuring. Her breathing comes in short bursts while Brandon
increases his fondling and sucking. Finally, with her hips high off the bed, Skylar
begins to spasm and climax with wanton desire. As her orgasm subsides, Brandon smiles
with approval and rewards Skylar with the cloth until her body becomes limp. Then we
watch as Brandon unties Skylar while sleeping, and exit the apartment by way of the door.


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