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Brooke Bennet.

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Our heroine arrives at the photographer's studio for a portrait sitting. She's dressed
sensually in a formfitting ensemble, back seam stockings, and strappy black high heels.

Upon entering the studio, she finds herself alone. She decides to preen a bit, sitting
at a vanity touching up her make up, then standing to make sure her back seams are
straight. We see just a hint of her stocking tops on her very long legs. Her hair is
piled high on her head, making her look very elegant. We enjoy a "voyeur's" point of
view as we see Brooke admire herself and her body while alone, so very curious to know
what Brooke prefers to wear under her clingy outfit, since we see hints of panty line,
and the definition of where her stockings are hooked to her garters. Brooke takes a
seat in an overstuffed chair, leans back and relaxes. We see her cross and uncross her
long legs, occasionally bobbing her high heeled foot. Suddenly, Brooke is attacked from
behind, a cloth forced against her mouth and nose. Her hands grab the arm of the
assailant, trying to get free, but to no avail. From a low angle, we're privileged to
watch as Brooke squirms in the chair, her legs flailing in the air, exposing her black
foundation garment, framing the white triangle of her secret area. She succumbs to the
cloth, becoming limp, sagging deep into the chair. Her assailant takes advantage of
this moment to slide his hands along her arms and thighs, sliding his fingers into her

Now the assailant comes around to the front of the chair a deftly picks up Brooke, her
body sinking into his arms. We're treated with Brooke's exposed fanny, her stockings,
and her slightly crooked seams as he carries he toward the daybed. He places her on her
back on the daybed and ogles her sleeping splendor, admiring her gorgeous face,
round breasts, curvy hips, her long, long legs and high heeled feet. He can't resist
fondling her legs, sliding her skirt hem to the tops of her stockings. He sits picking
up her torso, leaning her against his body. Slowly, he takes the stretchy fabric of her
top and pulls it down her arms, exposing her white lace bra. The assailant now lifts
the top, pulling it over Brooke's head and tossing it aside revealing her perky white
lace covered breasts.

Next, he rolls Brooke onto her tummy and slides her tight-fitting skirt off her waist,
down her hips, across her thighs and calves, pulling it free from her pointy heels.
Again, he takes time to enjoy the view, pleased that Brooke had chosen to wear a black
open-bottom girdle over her white panties. We follow his eyes as they examine her back
seams from the top of her stockings to her high heeled feet. He rolls her on her back,
know knowing her girdle has four garters to hold up her stockings. The girdle doesn't
quite cover the white triangle between her legs. Brooke's white bra supports her
breasts with lovely, delicate lace. Finally, he takes her long, streaked blonde hair
down, flowing across the bed. The assailant picks up Brooke in his arms, her arms and
legs dangling, which accentuates the suppleness of her body. He carries her out the
door. Next, we're at the end of a very long hallway. The assailant enters at the far
end, carrying Brooke. Her arms and legs swing limply as he moves closer to us in the
hallway, allowing us many angles and views of her form and long hair, until he's very
close, then exits frame. Inside a stone dungeon, Brooke is seated in a tall swivel
chair, still sleeping. We see close shots of the detail of her girdle, the garters
tugging on the welt of her stockings, and the lovely arch of her back and round bra-
covered breasts. The assailant is proud of his conquest as he slowly swings the chair
for a 180° view of Brooke, and runs his hand through her long thick hair, allowing it
to swing freely over the back of the chair. Finally, we are treated with a toe to head
ogling of Brooke in her black girdle, white full-bottom panties, dark, back seam
stockings, and white lacy bra.

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