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Levidity & Xaina.

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Xaina is getting dressed and applying her makeup when a popular reality show comes on
TV. This gives her a great idea. She finishes dressing and goes to the couch in the
living room to wait watch more TV and wait for Levidity to get home.

Levidty arrives home from a long day of shopping to find her roommate Xaina waiting for
her on the couch. Xaina's bored with the television and happy to have her friend home to
entertain her. After some chit chat on the couch, Xaina tells Levidity that she has an
idea for a fun game, but Levidity has to trust her.

Cautiously, Levidity agrees and allows Xaina to blindfold her and handcuff her wrists
behind her back. Next, she's led blindly up the stairs to an awaiting "obstacle course"
of donuts hung from strings at all different heights.

Xaina describes the scene to her nervous captive, explaining what her job is next. She
tells Levidity that she must take a bite out of every single donut (all while
blindfolded & handcuffed) within a certain amount of time. Levidity understands, and on
Xaina's word, gets to work trying to win the game.

Xaina is very entertained by the fumbling display and begins touching herself over & under
her clothing while she watches Levidity's efforts. She eggs her on and teases her
which just makes Levidity more frustrated. Levidity's face is sticky and shiny when she
asks if she's gotten them all yet. Of course she hasn't and Xaina tells her so. But
instead of allowing Levidity to finish her task, Xaina goes over to her desk and pulls
out a cloth which she quickly forces over Levidity's nose and mouth. A struggle begins,
but Levidity is no match for her attacker with her hands cuffed behind her back.

The girls wrestle all over the room, but eventually Xaina overpowers her and gets her
to sleep on the floor. Xaina admires her sleeping beauty for a few moments, then grabs
her under the arms and drags her up onto the bed. Xaina makes quick work of tying
Levidity's wrists and ankles to the bed with rope. Knowing Levidity will be howling mad
when she wakes up, Xaina sticks a big fat piece of tape over her mouth
to keep her quiet.

With Levidity sleeping, Xaina decides it would be fun to take a crack at the donut game
herself. She puts the billfold on herself and attempts to bite the treats. She finds
the activity very erotic and touches herself the whole time. Remembering she has bigger
fish to fry, Xaina abandons her fun and returns to the bed.

Xaina's right, Levidty is furious as she wakes up and realizes her dilemma. She
attempts to scream through her gag, but it's no use. Xaina tries to calm her and
explain why she's bound. She explains that there are 2 parts to the game and Levidity
is just going to have to play along to be declared winner. Left with no choice, Levidty
agrees to finish the game and remains quiet when Xaina removes her gag. Xaina grabs a
pair of scissors and climbs on top of Levidity. Tauntingly, she cuts away at Levidity's
clothing one piece at a time. First, her black sweater is cut right off of her, her bra
is already pushed up, exposing her breasts. Next, her tight pink skirt is cut off.
Finally, Xaina cuts off Levidity's panties. This frightens her a bit and Levidity tries
to protest, but can't do anything about it.

Xaina runs the scissors up and down Levidity's body causing her to shiver as Xaina
explains that Levidity is going to masturbate for her with the TOY of Xaina's choosing
if she has any hope of winning this game. Reluctantly, Levidty agrees so Xaina unties
her wrists and supplies her with her TOY. Xaina stand back and watches as Levidity does
as she's told. Thrilled with her entertainment, Xaina slips out of her skirt and
sweater unable to stop touching herself. As Levidity completes her task, Xaina has one
hand in her panties and the other fondling her breasts.

When the game is over, Xaina tricks Levidity and whips out the cloth and puts her right
back to sleep so she can take advantage of the situation and finish Levidity
herself. Once satisfied, Xaina abandons her sleeping victim and goes downstairs
for more inspiration.

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