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Lauren Kain & Laura Palmer.

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It's the day LAURA PALMER dreaded most. A toothache forces her to immediately find a
dentist to relieve her pain. She finds one that can see her on short notice. Generally
uncomfortable with dentists, she has no choice and enters the office of Dr. S. Bush.
She's greeted by Dr. Bush's new nurse, LAUREN KAIN, dressed in her extremely short and
revealing white outfit, white lace top stockings, white high heeled pumps at the
reception area. Laura's dressed in a lovely burgundy print wrap dress, the V shaped top
accentuates her excellent breasts, while the slit up the middle of the skirt portion
needs constant "closure" attention. She's wearing black pumps and off-black pantyhose.

Lauren informs Laura she's expected, and watch as Lauren stands from her chair, seeing
a peek of her lovely lace bikini panties and stay-up stockings. Lauren guides Laura to
the dentist chair, and does a cursory check of her tender tooth. A low angle allows us
to see Laura's panties and the tops of her stockings. Just then, Dr. Bush enters and
takes over. He examines Laura's mouth, and concurs immediate work must be done. Laura
once again forewarns the doctor she is afraid of any procedure; the doctor assures her
she'll be safe and secure. He turns on the valve and applies the clear mask to Laura's
face. Laura takes on a panicked behavior and begins to fight the doctor. Excellent
angles show us Laura's legs as she squirms in the chair, as well as her frightened
expression as the doctor keeps the mask pushed against Laura's face. Laura's eyes
roll up and her eyelids flutter as she enters the sleepy zone, one leg falling off the chair.

The doctor takes full advantage of the luscious view, from Laura's feet, moving up to
her barely-covered crotch, and to her breasts. He slides Laura's dress off her
shoulders, revealing her sheer flowery and lace black bra, cupping her gorgeous breasts
and pink nipples. He freely fondles Laura's breasts tucked in the bra, noticing her
nipples becoming more erect. He slides his hands down to Laura's legs, stroking and
fondling her pantyhose-encased legs, seeing the intricate lace work of the panties
under the pantyhose at the most secret place. The doctor takes several hanks of rope
from his cabinet and lovingly binds her legs and arms to the nearly-prone dentist
chair. Now free to explore, the doctor fondles Laura's breasts and legs and private
parts. Then he exits the room, with an idea in mind.

We're special guests as we admire Laura, sleeping and vulnerable in the chair, freely
examining the lace work of her bra and panties. Casually, Lauren enters the room to see
how Laura's doing. She's stunned to find her bound to the chair, with the mask still on
her face. Immediately, Lauren begins to free Laura from the chair, but she's
interrupted by the good doctor, who forces a mask onto Lauren's face. She struggles
valiantly, her legs kicking in the air, exposing her lace panties and stockings. She's
no match for the doctor as he drags her limp body from the examining room. Next, we see
the doctor carrying Lauren over his shoulder, able to see her lace covered fanny, and
stocking tops. The doctor places her on the couch in the reception room. The doctor
takes off her uniform, leaving her in her white lace bra, white lace bikini panties,
white stay up stockings, and white platform heels. She's bound with rope and gagged
with a white stocking. The doctor enters the exam room, as Laura begins to awake. He
applies the mask to Laura and she slumps into a deep sleep. We're allowed close up
looks as the doctor fondles Laura's breasts and legs. In the reception room, Lauren
awakes. The doctor attends to Lauren, quickly putting her back to sleep.

When she awakes, she's bound and gagged, now wearing a cheerleader's outfit, shiny
pantyhose, and gym shoes. As she struggles, Laura is carried over the shoulder by the
doctor into the reception room. We're greeted by Laura's lovely fanny cradled in white
lacy panties, a short plaid private school girl skirt, above the knee white socks,
black patent leather "Mary Jane's", and a white blouse. As she's dumped on the couch,
we see she's in pig tails, also gagged with a white stocking. As voyeurs, we watch the
two as they slowly become conscious, trying to help one another get free. The doctor
enters with fabric protection masks. He straps them to the faces of the girls and
watches as they try and squirm from danger. Slowly, they fall into slumber. The doctor
cradle-carries Lauren into the examination room and places her in the chair. He applies his
mask to her as she squirms and kicks to get free. This overwhelms her. The doctor
freely fondles her shiny panty enclosed legs, coming close to her private parts,
covered by her shiny red panties. He slides his hands to her cheerleader shirt, pulls
it up and examines her ripe and pert breasts.

In the reception room, Laura struggles to get free, attempting to get to the door and
freedom. The doctor senses her exit, and grabs Laura before she gets to the door,
placing a mask on her face. Her struggle is futile as she slumps into the arms of the
doctor. He picks her up and cradle carries back to his dentist chair. He administers
the mask on Laura, making sure she's unconscious. He unbuttons her private school
blouse, fondles her lace-clad breasts, then explores her above the knee stockings and
white lace panties. Laura begins to awake as the doctor fondles her. He applies the
mask and watches Laura. She seems relaxed and she smiles as she slips into slumber.

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