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Lauren Kain, Laura Palmer
Ginger Burke.

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First, a petty thief, GINGER BURKE, breaks into an apartment she has staked out for
several weeks. She's expert at her craft, seeking only jewelry and small items of
value. She's dressed in black leather pants and a little black V-neck top. She boldly
rifles through the drawers in the living room, disappointed with the meek findings.
Ginger moves into the bedroom, encouraged to find the tenant's jewelry box. Then she's
disappointed with the quality of the find. She hears the front door opening, and hides
in the shower/bath unit. LAUREN KAIN enters, dressed in a formfitting leopard print
blouse, a clingy black skirt, beige pantyhose, and black heels.

As soon as she enters, she can tell someone's been snooping in her stuff. She
immediately goes to the phone, but before she can contact the police, Ginger grabs
Lauren from behind and threatens Lauren with a knife. She deftly ties Lauren's hands
behind her back with rope and while she's at it, steals the ring from Lauren's finger,
then pushed her down on the couch. With another hank of rope, Ginger binds Lauren's
ankles together, as she pleads not to be hurt. Ginger accommodates Lauren by
placing a wide strip of duct tape across Lauren's mouth, then continues to bind
her knees tightly together with more rope, thwarting an attempt of Lauren to
get to the phone again.

We watch as Lauren squirms and wiggles on the couch, her breasts heaving against
her blouse, her tight black skirt inching up as she struggles to get free. Ginger, the
disappointed thief, leaves Lauren's apartment in disgust. On the couch, Lauren
sensually writhes against her rope bindings, pushing her hips up and out, and
twisting her torso right and left in her futile effort to get free. Her skirt continues to
shimmy up, showing us more of her shiny beige pantyhose, the hem of her skirt stopping
just short of showing us the color of Lauren's panties. Using all her strength, Lauren
finally stands. We watch her "hop" across the room to the kitchen table, where Ginger
left the knife. Carefully, Lauren takes the knife and saws off the rope bindings on
her wrists. She removes the duct tape from her mouth, and hops to the phone
and calls the police.


LAUREN KAIN relaxes on her couch, reading a magazine. She's dressed in a white silk
blouse, a shiny, tight red skirt, and red stiletto pumps. She crosses and recrosses
her legs, allowing us tempting shots of her legs and thighs. There's a knock on the
door. Lauren opens it to find GINGER BURKE, dressed in an elegant business suit.
Ginger offers Lauren an opportunity to look at her line of intimate apparel. She's
invited in, and as Lauren wends her way to the couch, Ginger sticks a knife against
her throat and forces her down on the couch. Ginger ties Lauren's hands behind her
back with rope, then proceeds to tie her ankles tightly together with more rope.
Lauren's loud objections forces Ginger to slap a strip of duct tape across her mouth,
then she binds Lauren's thighs together, just above the knees. Ginger then goes into
the bedroom to search for some jewelry to steal.

At the same time, Lauren's roommate, LAURA PALMER comes home. She's wearing a tight
black skirt, off-white short sleeved blouse, black pantyhose and black pumps. She
immediately sees Lauren squirming on the couch, and rushes toward her. Laura's
intercepted by Ginger and is forced to sit in a straight backed chair. Duct tape is
applied to her mouth, her hands are bound with rope behind her back, her ankles are
bound, as well as her thighs, just above the knee. Then Ginger wraps rope under
Laura's breast and behind the chair, making her nearly immobile. Watching Lauren
wriggle on the couch, attempting to get free, Ginger decides to put Lauren and Laura
together. She forces Lauren to stand, and makes her "hop" to another straight back
chair behind and facing away from Laura. Ginger inspects the bindings on both, assured
with the security. As an additional protection, she wraps roping around Lauren, also
just below the breast. Disappointed with the lack of any valuables in the apartment,
Ginger leaves. We are allowed to watch as Laura and Lauren squirm, arch and wiggle
against their rope bondage, their skirts slowly hiking further up their thighs,
tempting a quick glimpse of what the women wear under their pantyhose. With extreme
effort, the two get free enough to "hop" over to the phone in order to call the police.

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