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Fiona Swan  & Andrea Morgan.

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This class isn't listed in any school curriculum. FIONA SWAN is a true believer in
expecting only the very best from her Handmaids. And the only way to teach them, is to
start from the "bottom" up, so to speak. ANDREA MORGAN is the student Maid today. Her
inability's and lack of know-how frustrates Fiona to the point where she must be
extremely forceful with Andrea in almost every task. Our presentation begins as a black
& white movie, reminiscent of the early 1950s when women knew how to behave like women.
We see Fiona relaxing in her favorite lounge chair, dressed in a white, steel boned
corset, black bra, black full bottom panties, vintage black back seamed stockings and
classic black strapped platform pumps. She fondles her long cigarette holder in her
black, elbow length gloves which button at the wrist. Maid Andrea is dressed in a
skimpy black and white maid's uniform, white lace panties, black stockings and
black strappy open toe high heels.

We watch as the black & white film slowly transforms into color, while Fiona crosses
and recrosses her long legs, sensually smoking and enjoying the feeling of her silk
stockings. The entire performance is done with no dialogue, only accompanied with
music. Andrea first lights a few candles, then lights Fiona's cigarette. Satisfied
with her technique, Fiona wishes her shoes to be cleaned and shined. Andrea complies
and meticulously cleans every inch of Fiona's shoes, while Fiona relaxes and has
several more cigarettes. Fiona rises, gesturing to Andrea to adjust the many straps
on her unique corset, located along Fiona's rib cage. The corset has very interesting
garters rather than a single strand of elastic with the steel garters attached, each
garter has two straps which connect at the base of the corset and run into a V
shape where the garter itself is attached.

Fiona is clearly agitated with Andrea's fumbling fingers and her lack of knowledge
regarding the tightening techniques. When Fiona moves to the mirror to peruse her
image, she is furious with Andrea's poor job of proper corset binding. She forces
Andrea onto her stomach across an overstuffed ottoman. Using a very stiff black
leather riding crop, she unleashes a barrage of stinging blows to Andrea's
lace-covered fanny. Immediately, Andrea's bottom becomes bright pink as we are
treated to a slow motion low angle view of the way Andrea's flesh reacts to the
riding crop. Fiona then uses her gloved hand to punish Andrea further, again, slow
motion shows the impact of Fiona's wrath. Andrea winches in pain…or is it pleasure?

Like a mistress reproaching a bad puppy, Fiona waves Andrea away, demanding her to
fetch Fiona's party dress. Andrea returns with a beautiful burgundy color satin
affair, highlighted by a full, above the knee skirt. We watch as Andrea helps Fiona
into the dress - it's a perfect fit. Andrea adds sparkling French cuff links and a
wide belt with a matching belt buckle also studded with sparkling rhinestones. From
a low angle, we see Fiona do several twirls, the full skirt lifting sensually with
the motion, revealing Fiona's stocking tops, garters, and her full bottom black
panties. Fiona is very pleased with her perfect look, and blithely takes Andrea in
her arms for a little dance. Close up angles on the women's lovely high heeled feet
as they slowly twirl. The reverie is short-lived.

Fiona notices a run in the heel of Andrea's stocking. She's shocked at Andrea's lack
of pride in her personal appearance. Furious, Fiona shoves Andrea face-first into the
overstuffed chair, manipulating her so her torso is over the back of the chair, her
lovely bottom exposed for an additional scolding by Fiona. Again, slow motion allows us
to see the lovely results of a swift hand against a supple fanny, as Fiona reprimands
Andrea. Obviously, Andrea is a slow learner and needs further discipline. Fiona places
a white leather collar to Andrea's neck, as well as white leather cuffs to each wrist.
A lead chain is attached to the collar. Andrea is forced onto her hands and knees and
is led out of the room by Fiona. Now in Fiona's cellar, Andrea remains on her hands
and knees, as Fiona sits in a taller than normal chair. Fiona points to a pair of white
patent leather, lace up, knee high boots, demanding she put them on Fiona.

Andrea first removes Fiona's lovely black heels, sensually massaging her stocking clad
feet, desperately trying to regain Fiona's approval, who merely looks down at Andrea
and blows smoke in her face. Fiona signals to Andrea she wishes to have her boots put
on. Andrea slides one of Fiona's luscious feet into the boot, and begins the long
process of lacing. As she proceeds, we see Fiona's gorgeous thighs and hints of her
panties. From Fiona's point of view, we see Andrea sitting on her haunches, her lovely
breasts blossoming from the top of her maid's outfit. Finished with the lacing, Andrea
assists Fiona as she stands. The boots are a lovely addition to the outfit, but Fiona
knows her hopes for an evening out have been ruined by Andrea's inadequate behavior.
She motions for Andrea to help her out of her dress. Andrea complies. Then Fiona takes
off Andrea's outfit, revealing her white lace bra, white lace garter belt, and luscious
lace panties, then leads her to a massive concrete buttress.

Fiona clips Andrea's wrists together, then attaches them to an overhead hook. She then
applies white leather cuffs to Andrea's ankles, adding a very wide spreader bar between
them. Andrea has a hard time remaining vertical. Fiona gathers a collection of items to
extend Andrea's "learning curve". First, she's whipped lightly from shoulders, breasts
and toes with a long, flexible tool with wispy tendrils. The sensation feels erotic and
imposing to Andrea, as Fiona knows precisely how to apply the proper amount force.
Next, Fiona applies her firm hand to Andrea's bottom, reminding her that being a proper
Maid requires stern instruction. Fiona tickles Andrea with a metal, feather-like toy,
again creating an erotic yet sharp sting to the flesh. Andrea is abruptly spun around,
exposing her lovely pink bottom, and Fiona has another go at deepening the color of her
fanny. Next, we see Fiona, seated in her overstuffed chair, in her white boots, corset,
bra, panties and stockings. She seems relaxed again, crossing and uncrossing her legs.
This time, with only a slight gesture, Maid Andrea appears with the cigarette holder,
cigarette, and matches, attentive to Fiona's desires, as the movie once again regresses
to old time black & white film.

This is an exquisitely choreographed visual treat, sure to delight those who adore
classic cheesecake female dominance and bondage.

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