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Laura Palmer & Cherish.

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Who doesn't like dessert? CHERISH has a very successful catering company, specializing
in rich, delicious desserts - pies, cakes, tortes, puddings - you name it, Cherish and
her assistant, LAURA can create it. They use the best, freshest ingredients, so you know
the results aren't cheap. Laura takes a call from MR. RICHARDS, one of Cherish's most
valuable clients. He's having a business get-together and makes a huge order for pies
and cakes. We can tell by the way Laura talks to Mr. Richards on the phone, they have a
bit of a crush on one another. We see Laura with her gorgeous blonde hair pulled back, a
lovely, print dress, apron, back seam stockings and white open toed high heels, giggling as
she takes the order.

Just then, Cherish arrives in the kitchen. Her lovely brunette hair is also pulled up,
in a print dress, apron, back seam stockings, and strappy black high heels. Laura gushes
to Cherish about how wonderful their client is, and how she thinks he has a thing for
her. Cherish is no dummy, and warns Laura not to fraternize with her clients, since
Laura is merely an assistant. You can feel the tension "rise and bake" between the two
as they prepare to make the pies and cakes. But Laura is relentless in her admiration
for Mr. Richards, going on and on about the mutual feeling between them. Cherish, is not
only impatient with Laura, but we can also see some jealousy coming to the surface. As
Cherish barks commands to Laura to do menial tasks, Laura begins to resent the way she's
being treated. She "accidentally" starts dropping raw eggs on the floor, simply to
irritate Cherish, and then refuses to clean up the mess.

Laura's pouting turns to stubbornness as Cherish orders her around the kitchen. Laura
takes several dollops of whipped cream and flings them on the floor, some of which
spatters on Cherish's spotless shoes and stockings. Cherish forces Laura to the ground,
making her lick the lovely white goo off her shoe and leg. Enraged, Laura rises and
takes handfuls of black cherries and tosses them on the floor. "Pick this up! Now!",
Cherish screams. Laura stomps her foot, laughs at Cherish, and flatly refuses. Out of
rage, Cherish takes the handfuls of cherries and syrup and throws it at Laura. A food
fight is officially on. No ingredients are held back: chocolate pudding, whipped cream,
more fruits and juices fly through the air, each woman becoming more and more soaked
with delectable sweets.

Enraged, the two begin pulling hair, tearing clothes, and wrestling one another to the
ground. Plenty of eye-appealing angles as the girls go at it, revealing upskirt views as
the messy goo slides into their most private places. The two have torn each others
dresses off, and are writhing on the floor in full white slips, now transparent from all
the liquid. Laura gets free, shakes a bottle of champagne and uncorks it on Cherish, the
foam revealing the clear panty, bra, garter belt and stocking lines underneath her slip.
Cherish counters with a gallon of vegetable oil, completely dousing Laura, her slip now
nearly invisible, exposing the details of Laura's lacy white bra, white panties under a
white waist cincher with garters barely holding up her torn stockings. It's anybody's
guess who's going to win, until Cherish climbs on Laura's back, pulls up her slip and
gives her several dozen hard wallops to her the sheer panty covered fanny. The sting
gets Laura's juices flowing. She slides away from Cherish, grabbing more champagne,
hosing Cherish down.

Cherish, not to be outdone, takes a fresh can of whipped cream, and sitting on the floor
with her back leaning against a cupboard, shakes the can, puts it between her legs, aims
it like a tommy gun and squirts the lovely white cream across the room at Laura - a very
symbolic shot, indeed. We're sure Mr. Richards has no idea what a prized client he is!
But Cherish, ever the demanding boss, takes Laura into the bathroom, and forces
Laura to clean her up, "top to bottom", under the warm spray of the shower.

The two are still in their slips, as we see the water run down their sweet and stained
skin and lingerie. Close up details show Laura carefully picking cherry pits off
Cherish, as they take off their slips to get at the ooze and goo from other interesting
places. Their bras, garter belts, panties, stockings are now completely sheer, their
original white colors now stained pink and blueberry, blending with the loveliness of
their soaking flesh. Still, the not-so-bright Laura continues to insist Mr. Richards is
interested only in her. Cherish patiently allows Laura's ranting, yet we sense Cherish
has another plan in mind. After the two soap and clean each other completely, we find
them in Cherish's bedroom putting on clean bras, panties, garter belts, stockings and
heels. Cherish is now in a lacy sheer black bra, black full bottom panties, black lace
garter belt, black stockings, and black strap heels.

Laura is in a white lace bra, white full bottom panties, white garter belt, beige
stockings, and white high heels. As Laura attaches her stocking to a garter, Cherish
warns Laura to watch her step regarding any advances toward her client, Mr. Richards.
Since both girls' dresses are completely ruined, Cherish and Laura go to fetch other
dresses stored in Cherish's cellar. As the two descend the stairs into the old basement,
Laura hugs herself against the cool air. Cherish motions to Laura to look in a chest for
the dresses. When Laura bends to look into the chest, she's violently attacked by
Cherish who places a cloth over Laura's face. The two struggle to the floor,
Laura writhing and kicking, but no match for Cherish's determination to
get rid of her assistant.

Laura succumbs, falling to sleep on the floor. Cherish then places leather restraints on
Laura's wrists and ankles, and drags her to another section of the basement. Next, we see
Laura standing, although wobbly, her wrists chained above her head to a metal beam. She
looks down to see Cherish attaching a spreader bar to each ankle, forcing her legs wide
apart. Despite Laura's pleas to be freed, Cherish has no intention of letting her go,
since it's obvious Laura still wishes to make a run at Mr. Richards. As a matter of fact,
Cherish has other plans for Laura.

She grabs a huge squeezable bottle of chocolate syrup, and begins dripping and drooling
it on Laura, first in her hair, then her shoulders, then on her breasts, and continuing
the flow across her stomach, fanny, thighs, and stockings. Finally sick of listening to
Laura's constant jabbering, Cherish silences her with a stocking gag, and goes back to
swirling the thick chocolate over Laura's body, between her legs, more on her fanny,
occasionally sucking the luscious syrup from her own fingers. As with any good pastry
chef, Cherish tops off her wonderful dessert with whipped cream, using her fingers to
blend it into the chocolate, and Laura's lovely flesh. Cherish steps back and admires
her creation. As Laura wiggles, Cherish sucks the sweetness from her fingers, and
ascends the stairs, preparing herself for her very important client, Mr. Richards.

We end, watching the hapless Laura, full of goo, in her futile struggle to get free.

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