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Laura Palmer & Lauren Kain.

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Roommates LAURA PALMER and LAUREN KAIN lounge on the couch, bored with the TV
programming. Needing some excitement, they try and come up with a game to play. Lauren
shyly introduces an idea called HOUDINI, sure that Laura won't go for it.

The game involves one girl tying up the other girl. The girl that's tied up gets 2
minutes to get loose. If she fails to get free, she must submit to a second bondage
session. Naturally, Lauren persuades Laura to be the first to be bound. She leaves the
living room, and, not surprisingly, returns with a basket full of ropes, gags, and

Laura is instructed to lie on the floor on her tummy. Lauren obviously had played this
game before as she clasps handcuffs on Laura's wrists
behind her back. Next, she deftly
applies rope bondage to Laura's ankles, runs a rope from Laura's ankles to her
handcuffed wrists, and settles back to watch Laura struggle to get free. Laura arches,
rolls and twists to get free. Her attempts are futile, and after (more than) two
minutes admits to Lauren she is unable to get free and Lauren wins the first round. As
she removes the binding from Laura, Lauren coyly reminds Laura she must be bound again
according to the rules.

This time, Laura is on the floor, again on her tummy. Lauren uses rope to bind Laura's
wrists behind her back, uses more rope to tie her ankles to her thighs just above her
ankles, then uses heavy cloth to blindfold Laura who objects vehemently.

Amused, Lauren sits on the ottoman, slowly and sensually removes her pink knee-high
socks. Laura is stunned as Lauren takes one sock and deeply stuffs it in Laura's mouth,
muffling her objections. She takes her other sock and uses it as a gag, tying it across
Laura's mouth and behind her head.

As Laura rolls, arches and struggles, Lauren amuses herself by tickling Laura's
stocking clad feet, ribs and thighs. It's obvious Lauren loves the game as Laura
demonstrates her dislike for the game. After a very long two minutes, Lauren frees
Laura from her bounds while she complains how unfair the game was.

Lauren puts on her wet and lipstick-stained knee hi socks, listening to Laura's
objections, insisting the game was played by the rules. Laura cajoles and dares Lauren
to be tied up and get loose in two minutes. Lauren lets Laura know she's not afraid or
intimidated, and answers the challenge.

Lauren lies on her tummy. Laura snaps the handcuffs on Lauren's wrists. Next, Laura
uses rope to bind Lauren's elbows together. She takes another hank of rope to tie
Lauren's ankles together, using the spare length to bind Lauren's ankles to her
handcuffed wrists. Laura then takes a linen cloth to blindfold Lauren.

Next, she tickles Lauren's feet and ribs, discovering Lauren's most sensitive areas.
Lauren rolls, twists and wiggles, attempting to avoid Laura's fingers.

Surprisingly, Laura stops her teasing, putting on her black high heels, and announces
going shopping. Leaving Lauren alone to try and get free. As Laura exits, Lauren curses
herself for instituting the idea in the first place.

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