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Double Bill: Girl Wars/Lingerie Espionage.

Note: Time shown reflects total time
of double feature.

Brenda Starr & Cherish.

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The good thing about a roommate is, she helps pay the rent. The bad thing about a
roommate is she helps herself to your wardrobe.
It's 7:30 in the morning. CHERISH is
in the bathroom in her sheer black lacy bra, putting on her make up. BRENDA saunters
in, her blouse unbuttoned, showing us her very sheer white lace bra. Cherish notices
Brenda's wearing one of her favorite skirts. "Big deal". I won't ruin it", is Brenda's
glib reply. Cherish has one of her gorgeous gams up on a chair, attaching her stocking
to her garter as Brenda leaves. "Don't ruin that skirt!" Cherish warns. We watch from
the street as Brenda descends the stairs from their brownstone. If you look close, you
can see the outline of her panties and garters in the formfitting gray skirt as Brenda
walks towards us, then down a narrow walkway.

Later, we catch Brenda on her return home. You don't have to look close to see she has
indeed stained Cherish's skirt. Upon entering the flat, Cherish is furious, but Brenda
doesn't seem to care. Cherish grabs Brenda by the hair and drags her into the
bathroom. She shoves Brenda onto the toilet seat, turns on the bathtub spigots, and
proceeds to take off her sweater and necklace, showing us close-up details of her
sheer, black bra. Next, she sits on the edge of the tub in her skirt and heels, and
forces Brenda over her knee, fully clothed. She begins her reprimand by giving Brenda
several very hard wallops on her lovely fanny, still covered in the stained skirt.
Then Cherish forces Brenda, fully clothed, high heels and all, into the full tub. She
uses a washcloth and vigorously begins to clean her skirt, as well as the rest of
Brenda. We're treated with several lovely angles of Cherish's jiggling breasts as she
puts elbow grease into her work As she scrubs the skirt, we see Brenda's black
stockings, attached to a lavender garter belt and black panties. Cherish's technique
is extremely rough, forcing Brenda's blouse open, revealing her wet, lace-covered
breasts, which also get washed.

Cherish is very vindictive, and she's not through teaching Brenda a lesson. She makes
Brenda stand in the tub, soaking wet and fully clothed, warning her the worst is yet
to come. Our movie turns from color to black and white as Cherish reappears in a
leopard print one piece bathing-suit (reminiscent of classic BETTIE PAGE styling)
along with black thigh high boots, her brunette hair now undone and down to her
waist. Inside a closet, she opens a trap door in the floor, revealing a secret fruit
cellar. Brenda is now in her lovely white bra, lavender garter belt, black panties, black
stockings, and black strap high heels. Cherish pulls her down the steep stairs into a
stone walled room. Cherish sits in a straight back chair and motions for Brenda to
join her. Brenda lays on Cherish's lap, and we see several different angles as Cherish
applies at least a dozen hard hand spanks to Brenda's gorgeous panty clad fanny.

As a prelude to Brenda's next punishment, we're treated with a close up, detailed
shot of her sheer bra, pale, perky nipples, and small droplets of water sliding down
her rib cage. She holds her arms out and Cherish attaches black leather restraints to
both wrists. Cherish chains Brenda's wrists to an overhead pipe, then we watch as
Cherish applies ankle cuffs and a very wide spreader bar, forcing Brenda's lovely legs
wide apart. Cherish can't resist lightly fondling Brenda in her restraints. Satisfied
with her work, Cherish leaves Brenda to writhe and struggle. But Brenda refuses take
her punishment "lying down". She figures out how to get free of the wrist restraints,
then the spreader bar. We watch as she prowls the basement seeking an escape route,
awarded with close up and full length frontal and rear views as she explores. She
finds a door, pulls the handle, only to be greeted by Cherish, still in her leopard
pin up bathing suit, as if Cherish knew Brenda would escape. Again, she grabs Brenda
by the hair and drags her back into the stone room.

This time, Cherish uses intricate rope bondage to secure Brenda, including a rope gag
to keep her quiet as she stuffs her in a tool room. "Nighty-night". Cherish says with
glee as she slams the door, leaving Brenda in total darkness. It's late afternoon when
we next see Cherish arriving home, dressed in a lovely pin-stripped skirt suit, white
blouse, black heels and stockings, ascending up the stairs to the brownstone, her
lovely fanny wagging in her tight skirt. She enters her flat after a hard days work
and takes off her jacket, and is immediately attacked by Brenda who shoves a cloth
over her face. Cherish drops like a rock. Brenda, now dressed in a formfitting
sweater, short breezy skirt, black stockings and heels, drags Cherish by her ankles
into the stone room, her skirt hiking up, revealing her black stocking tops, and a
hint of garter. She dumps Cherish on a tarp and unbuttons her blouse, revealing her
pale yellow lace and mesh bra, Cherish's pink nipples clearly visible through the
fabric. We watch as Brenda lifts Cherish and takes off her blouse, one sleeve at a
time. Then she rolls Cherish onto her tummy, and unzips her skirt and pulls it off,
rolling her over and onto her back, and gazes at her conquest.

We're treated with Brenda's point of view close-up from Cherish's black strap heels,
along her expensive black nylon encased legs to the top of her stocking welts and
garter attachments, across her sheer, one-piece garter panty, and see a hint of the
feathery, trimmed area of Cherish's private parts, to her pale pink nipples underneath
her yellow bra. Brenda uses rope and wraps each of Cherish's ankles. Then, she ties
her wrists together. We're witnesses to "the tables are turning" sequence, as Brenda
gives back the same to Cherish. Cherish, now awake and standing is defiant and livid
when Brenda takes a seat in the straight-back chair, pats her lap, demanding Cherish
take a turn at some corporal punishment. Cherish, reluctantly hobbles her way to
Brenda, folding her body across Brenda's lap. Several angles allow us to see the sting
of each of Brenda's hand swats on Cherish's fanny, including the wince on her face and
the way her breasts bobble from the blows. Next, Brenda tugs hard on a rope. We follow
the rope's action upward to a pulley mounted on a pipe, then down its length as
Cherish's bound wrists shoot upward and over her head.

Brenda ties off her end to the furnace, Cherish now forced to stand, her hands above
her and taut on the rope. Brenda then takes a long hank of black rope and winds
strands around each of Cherish's thighs, tying the other ends to the sturdy legs of a
workbench behind Cherish, leaving her helpless and barely able to move. Now that
Cherish is contained, Brenda has no fear of her. She touches and fondles Cherish,
offering her the occasional hard swat on the fanny. "You're going to get it, Brenda.
Believe me", Cherish promises. Brenda isn't the least bit intimidated, and places a
stocking gag on Cherish. Then, she picks up a pair of scissors and sidles up to
Cherish, suggesting she may restyle Cherish's long, beautiful locks. Instead, Brenda
pulls the tip of the lace bra covering Cherish's left breast away, and cuts it off,
snapping it back, revealing Cherish's erect nipple. She does the same to the tip of
the bra on Cherish's right breast, repositioning it so both her nipples are exposed
outside the fabric. We watch as Brenda takes off her button down sweater and skirt,
revealing her shapely lace black bra, black full-bottom panties, and the exquisite
streak of four white garters extending underneath the panties, attached to sheer
black stockings, tucked into spiky black heels. "Thirsty?" inquires Brenda. Cherish
nods. Brenda brings her a glass of water. She pulls the gag out of Cherish's
mouth and tips the lip of the glass into her mouth.

It's a cruel joke, as Cherish can't handle the volume of water. A great low angle
catches the action as the water flows freely down Cherish's breasts, tummy, legs,
and onto the floor, the shimmering liquid accenting every curve and crevice. Cherish
struggles violently to get free and seek vengeance, but Brenda quells the action by
stuffing a cloth over Cherish's face. A splendid angle settles on Cherish falling into
a deep sleep, dangling and suspended in her binds, like prey in a spider's web.
We see Cherish, bound tightly by rope in the fetal position, in the same tool room
formerly occupied by Brenda. In true "turn the tables" tradition, Brenda offers
Cherish a warm "Nighty-night" as she slams the door, leaving Cherish to
struggle against her rope bindings.

Feeling secure, Brenda stands in front of Cherish's mirror in her black bra, panties,
garter belt, black stockings and black heels, trying on different outfits of
Cherish's. What we know and Brenda doesn't, Cherish is hard at work getting free of
her bounds at the same time. We're treated with intercutting action of the two as they
work on their different objectives. Finally, the tool room door flies open revealing
Cherish, in her soaked lingerie. At the same time, Brenda exits Cherish's bedroom,
hearing the disturbance below. We're left with Cherish, hands on hips, angry,
obsessed. "Girl Wars" she says in a challenging manner, directly to us,
suggesting the issue is unfinished.

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