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Laura Palmer, Mykelle & Xaina.

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You'd think a title with the word "good" in it, would be uplifting and positive. Well,
that all depends whether you're in the "good" graces of LAURA PALMER or not.
The story
opens on XAINA driving down the street, her hand sensually sliding along the thigh of
her passenger, MYKELLE. Xaina calls Laura on the cell phone. Laura's in her workshop,
dressed in a black lace slip, assembling some electronic gizmo. Their chat is
businesslike, as Xaina tells Laura they're on the way to pick up "the package".
Mykelle's never met Laura, and gets very little information about her from Xaina. The
two ascend the stairs of an industrial building. Xaina's dressed very conservatively
in a calf-length pleated plaid pencil skirt, sweater, blouse beige stockings and
heels. Mykelle is dressed in an above the knee pleated skirt, sweater, white blouse,
black stockings and heels.

Mykelle moves to the elevator. Xaina warns her to use the stairs, because "Laura's
probably got the elevator rigged". Mykelle is surprised. "Don't you trust her?", she
asks. "Nope", says Xaina as the two keep walking up the stairs. In the hallway,
Mykelle infers Xaina may still have feelings for Laura. Xaina forces Mykelle against
the wall, telling her to mind her own business, and that she's there only to "cover
Xaina's back" in case Laura tries to pull anything funny. At Laura's door, Xaina lifts
her skirt and takes a key from the garter clipped to the top of her nylons, and very
quietly opens the door. Laura's at her vanity table, primping. Xaina tries to sneak up
on her, but Laura already knows she's there.

The two offer each other insincere cheek kisses. Laura is dressed in a blue print
dress very reminiscent of the 40s, black back seam stockings, and black open toe high
heels. She gives Mykelle an affectionate once-over, as Xaina hovers close by like a
protective hen. Xaina expects to go with Laura to pick up "the package" in the
basement. Laura insists the two stay in her apartment and wait. When she exits, Xaina
explains to Mykelle that Laura is the best in her field of covert equipment
manufacturing, everything from spy cams, to explosives. As Mykelle peeks in Laura's
lingerie drawer, Xaina says. "She probably watching us now". Mykelle is surprised at
Laura's craftiness. Xaina becomes impatient. We see up her skirt and her dark triangle
as she rises from the chair. She takes Mykelle by the hand, and the two decide to see
what's taking Laura so long. Did we mention that Laura's crafty? As the two try and
sneak into Laura's very secret workshop, Xaina is ambushed by Laura who stuffs a mask
against her face. Mykelle tries to intercede, but is shoved mightily against the door,
knocking her unconscious.

Laura and Xaina go at it, tooth and nail on the floor. Hair pulling. Legs flailing in
the air. Panty and upskirt shots, until Laura finally gets her legs wrapped around
Xaina's waist, pulls her close, and forces her to inhale the chloroform until she goes
limp. Laura admires her conquest, fondling Xaina's legs and breasts. She sensually
undresses her, removing her sweater and blouse, then removing her skirt. Through her
off-white slip, we see the details of Xaina's white garter belt, back seam stockings,
black panties and blue half-cup bra. Laura moves to her workbench and picks up a small
canister and a clear, molded plastic mask and returns to Xaina. Laura straps the mask to
Xaina's face, and turns on the canister. Xaina makes soft moaning sounds as she
once again falls into a deep sleep. Laura then moves to Mykelle, slumped against the
door. She unbuttons her blouse, exposing Mykelle's pert breasts, in a beige, half-cup
bra, then unzips her skirt, showing us a trace of Mykelle's red half-slip with black
lace trim, and slides her hand up her skirt, slipping her fingers into the top of
Mykelle's stocking, giving us a sneak preview of the white triangle of her panties and
white garter belt. Laura takes extra pleasure in fondling Mykelle's legs, adjusting
her bra straps, and stroking her flesh. Slowly, Mykelle begins to awake. Laura fetches
her canister and mask, attaches it to Mykelle's face, turns it on, and watches as
Mykelle slips into a deep slumber. Once again, Laura steps back to admire her work.
Mykelle, legs spread, blouse open, still with the clear mask on, against the door -
and Xaina in her lovely lacy white full slip, lying on the floor.

A lovely pair of stocking clad feet in black strap heels wiggle fruitlessly against
rope tightly bound at the ankles. The figure is seated, runs in her stockings up to
her thighs, revealing the tension of her garters against the top of her stockings. Her
white slip barely covers her area as rope curls around her waist, running tightly
between her legs. More rope runs beneath and above her slip-covered breasts, tendrils
of beautiful red hair covering one breast. Xaina is now seated, with a stocking gag
and black blindfold, her arms also securely bound behind her back. Mykelle, lying on
the floor in front of Xaina, is still sleeping in her white panties, lacy white
girdle-style garter belt, and black back seam stockings. She's bound in white rope
around her breasts and waist running from her hips to between her legs. A rope leads
from Mykelle to the hands of Laura, sitting in a chair in her lacy black slip. She
gives a firm tug on the rope, and Mykelle awakes while Xaina struggles on her perch.
Mykelle crawls on all fours to Xaina, and fondles her legs, then stands, sliding one
of her stocking-clad legs between Xaina's knees. She tugs on Xaina's rope, forcing her
to stand. Great details of Mykelle's sheer panty covered fanny and girdle style garter
belt. Xaina's confused in her blindfolded darkness. Mykelle, in her bound hands,
manages to fetch a pair of scissors and considers where to start her ritual. She
chooses the hem of Xaina's slip and begins to cut, looking over her shoulder for
Laura's approval.

Mykelle continues upward with the cutting becoming lustful and impatient and now uses
her hands to tear the fabric, then goes back to scissors to cut the straps of Xaina's
slip. She tugs and rips, exposing Xaina's blue half-up bra and the lovely pink orb of
her nipple. She pulls on the ripped and sliced portions of Xaina's slip, exposing her
black panties and white garter belt. Laura caresses herself in approval. The light
bounces off Xaina's erect, exposed nipples as Mykelle completely pulls the slip off
Xaina. She hands the ripped, ruined piece to Laura as a trophy. Laura takes the slip
to her face and drinks in the aroma and rubs it sensually on her breasts. Mykelle
awaits further instruction as Xaina struggles to get free. "You may play with her if
you like", Laura says invitingly. Mykelle returns to Xaina and, starting with her
legs, she plays with her stocking tops and garters, then moves to her bra and gently
pulls Xaina's breast free of the fabric, caressing each nipple. Laura is very pleased
with the show. But sensing Mykelle might be too involved, pulls on the rope, forcing
Mykelle back to Laura, so Laura can play with Mykelle's petite body, sliding her hands
against her stockings and breasts, as Xaina struggles to get free. Laura fondly kisses
Mykelle and shoves her back to Xaina. She hugs and kisses Xaina, enticing Laura to
touch herself. Opening her legs just enough to show her sheer white triangle bound by
a tight black girdle.

Laura takes off her slip, exposing her lacy half cup bra, which barely covers her
luscious pink nipples. She interrupts Mykelle's play with Xaina. She ties both girls
together back-to-back alternately fondling and teasing both of them. Next, Laura takes
a small, multi-tendril whip and whaps each girls' fanny with it. And if you haven't
guessed, Laura is a stickler for neatness and detail, frequently straightening out
each girl's panty and stocking. She takes her time fondling each girl, then separates
them. She seats Mykelle then Xaina, and removes Xaina's blindfold, revealing Xaina's
angry eyes and her disdain for Laura's tricks. Laura now introduces her audience to
the "package" they originally came for. She opens a small box and pulls out what looks
like a normal pink lipstick. She twists the base and suddenly, a buzzing noise emits
from the lipstick. Her latest invention is a vibrating lipstick that also sends a very
light electrical pulse to the recipient. First she slides it sensually across Xaina's
lips, down her breasts, tucking it between her legs. Next, she slides it along
Mykelle's legs and thighs, sending chills through her body. Laura rewards Mykelle's
excitement with a kiss, both girls eagerly vying for another turn with the lipstick

But Laura is patient. She finds a billowy feather and generously toys with the girls,
each eagerly awaiting a new erotic sensation. Plenty of close up shots of legs,
stockings, feet, toes, exposed nipples. Laura backs off and observes Xaina and
Mykelle being affectionate with one another, oblivious to all other things. Laura
gets her dress and slip. "I'm going to get ready for a little soiree tonight", she
announces to the two bound girls. "Keep Xaina company, Mykelle, until I come back
for you." She exits. Immediately, Xaina goes from erotic to enraged - it's obvious she's
been under Laura's spell before - commanding Mykelle to remove her stocking gag
and rope bindings. "I'm sorry I had to do this", Mykelle says, "It was forced to be
part of her plan". Xaina accepts the apology, giving Mykelle an assuring kiss. She
proceeds to untie herself. "Xaina, you believe me don't you?" asks Mykelle.
"Of course, sweetie", Xaina replies. But instead of helping Mykelle get free, Xaina
takes a hank of rope and ties her to the iron leg of the table, then applies a ball gag
to Mykelle. She grabs Mykelle's face, pulling it to her own. "A victim of her plan, eh?"
Xaina says, giving a final tug on the ball gag strap. "I bet you didn't plan on this!"
she remarks, as she runs out the door. Mykelle is stunned by the turn of events
and struggles vainly to get free.

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