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The door flies open. The TERRORIST wearing a face mask, carries MELODY over his
shoulder into his lair. He dumps her on the hard wood floor. She looks at her attacker
with fear as he stands over her. She's in a gray blouse, gray skirt, nude pantyhose
and black high heels. Melody's a high security agent who has a secret code to a dirty
bomb intended for the enemies of the US. He wants it. Her attacker ignores her moans
of fear and forces a rag over her nose and mouth. She struggles fiercely, kicking and
squirming until her body falls limp. Her heels are removed and put aside. He then
positions her body under a chain hoist with a horizontal bar attached to it. He binds
her hands and upper arms to the bar, then slowly pulls the chain, lifting her body
first into a sitting position, then fully erect, her body dangling, her feet just
barely touching the ground.

The terrorist places a strip of duct tape tightly against her mouth, then indulges
himself by standing behind her, fondling her full breasts and pushing his pelvis
against her gorgeous fanny. He unzips her skirt and pulls it down to her ankles.
Melody writhes in protest while her attacker slides his hands along her calves,
thighs, and between her legs, then up to her breasts. He pulls out a knife and runs
it between her breasts, then appears in front of her and uses the knife to slice
through her full slip from the hem upwards. Melody is terrified but is helpless as
the Terrorist cuts the slip straps away, revealing her full breasts in her lacy bra.
Methodically, he slices through her blouse and slip, able to fully remove the torn
clothing from her body. He freely fondles her breasts, removing each from the lace
cups revealing her dark, taught, nipples.

Like a seasoned hunter, the Terrorist wields his knife again, cutting away her
pantyhose, leaving her suspended in a bra and white cotton panties. With one stroke,
he slices through her panties, revealing her silky black-trimmed region. Melody has
no opportunity to be modest and her attacker fondles her openly. Again, he takes a
wad of cloth and places it over her face. Although she resists, Melody cannot avoid
it, and she slumps in her attacker's arms. She moans quietly, slowly opening her eyes
and she finds consciousness. She's stunned to find herself completely nude and tied
to an old gyno table. Her feet are elevated and bound to the cold steel stirrups. Her
thighs are also bound and secured to the side of the apparatus, forcing her legs open.
Her wrists are tied and secured over her head, her mouth forced shut with duct tape.

From another room, the Terrorist appears with a TOY. Despite the bright green color,
its shape is a perfectly rendered and detailed penis. Melody's muffled screams go
unheard as her attacker moves between her legs. He takes his time, enjoying this
opportunity. He fondles her breasts while sliding the TOY against her. He pulls his
mask down far enough so is mouth is available to lick and suck her erect nipples.
He uses lubricant and freely applies it to the TOY and to Melody.
Then, her real torture begins.

Her squeals of fear and excitement culminate as she shivers and spasms with ecstatic
contractions, her stiff arched body now slumped back on the bench. Without warning,
the Terrorist stuffs another rag over her nose and duct taped mouth. She wakes on a
black leather couch, still completely nude. She covers herself when she sees the
Terrorist sitting in a chair across a low table. He aggressively motions for her to
take the seat opposite him, still without muttering a single word. Covering herself
as best she can with her hands, she shyly takes the seat. The Terrorist shoves a note
across the table. It reads, "GIVE US THE CODE". Despite all that's happened to her,
Melody's only reply is "No! Never!" He pauses, then deliberately slides a file across
the table to her and opens it.

Melody looks at pages and pages of photos of her being bound, gagged and masturbated
with the TOY. She reacts with fear and shock. An evil glint is evident in the eyes of
her assailant. He once again puts the note in front of her. Melody relents and writes
the code on the notepad. The Terrorist takes it, picks up what's left of her clothes
and tosses them into her face as he exits, leaving Melody alone, shamed and crying in
the room, knowing she's compromised the security of her office, and that of the entire

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