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Laura Palmer & Andrea Morgan.

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SPYING, just like any other job, has its ups and downs. ANDREA MORGAN is up for review
by her superior, LAURA PALMER. The review is mental as well as physical.

First, Andrea's access to the office is blocked. She uses a paper clip tucked into her
stocking, to jimmy the door. Once inside, she's criticized by Laura for the time it
took her to open the door. Laura interrogates Andrea about her past experiences which
are vast -- she also "closely" examines Andrea's physical assets, lifting her skirt
stroking her nylon encased legs and panty-clad fanny. Yet Laura is unimpressed.
Undaunted, Andrea accepts any challenge offered by Laura and the "Company". Andrea is
given some menial tasks. When she returns to the office, she's attacked with a cloth
by Laura, who binds Andrea to a cement pillar, then stripping her to her lingerie,
humiliating and erotically teasing her. But whatever Laura dishes out, Andrea can take.

A second assignment is arranged, Andrea will meet Laura in an abandoned, eight-story
building. HIDE& SEEK is the game as both girls try to find and capture the other. Both
have ropes, gags and cloths. Both girls cautiously search and roam the edifice in
their tight, sexy business suits and high heels, longing to conquer the other. Now it
becomes CAT & MOUSE as the girls move closer to one another. Like a cat, Laura
pounces on Andrea the two wrestling and fighting each other to the ground,
continuing to fight and struggle for supremacy. Once again, Laura is the victor.
Andrea, in her bra, panties, stockings, heels and garterbelt, is strung up, gagged,
spanked and prodded by Laura, also in her bra, panties, stockings and garterbelt.
She expresses her disappointment in Andrea, by leaving Andrea in the abandoned
building, alone and without support.

Next, we see Laura in her office on her computer. She recommends Andrea be cut from
the elite group of spies. A knock on her door distracts her. When she opens the door,
Andrea grabs Laura, professionally placing a cloth overLaura's face. The two fight and
wrestle intently with Andrea getting the upper hand on Laura.

Laura awakes, bound to a pillar in her bra, stockings, panties and garter belt.
Andrea, dressed in a business suit, strips to her lingerie. While freely playing with
Laura, she informs Laura that despite her poor performance in the tests, she is, in
fact, a "cleaner" for the SPY COMPANY sent to evaluate Laura's operation. It's clear
Laura has manipulated her powers simply to take advantage of the females in her charge.

Andrea redresses into her business suit as Laura struggles against the ropes, her
objections muffled by the gag. Andrea exits as Laura struggles against her bonds,
knowing she has ultimately failed.

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