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Holly Knight, Sadie Belle, Cherish & Brenda Starr.

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BRENDA invites her wealthy friend HOLLY to have her fortune read by CHERISH, the
owner of a Metaphysical bookstore. As we see them walk down the street in their short
skirts, heels and nylons, it's obvious Holly is skeptical, but Brenda assures her it's
the "real thing". Inside the store, Cherish is on the phone with a slave trader. She
tells him, "Fine. You get them, but I get to play with them first." Outside, they wait
for SADIE, Holly's sister to join them. She's late, so they decide to go inside the
store. Holly and Brenda examine the exotic herbs and strange curatives, including the
eight foot boa constrictor. Cherish, with long gorgeous hair and dressed in a black
dress, introduces herself to Holly. She asks them both to sit at a table, to get a bit
acquainted. We see upskirt angles as Holly and Brenda sit. Cherish is very interested
in Holly, guilelessly fondling her thigh which makes Holly uncomfortable.

Using her charm, Cherish persuades Holly to relax in her apartment behind the store.
Holly does so, reluctantly. Cherish has Holly drink tea in order to read the leaves.
Little does Holly know the tea was spiked. As she and Cherish sit closely and converse
on the sofa, Holly becomes woozy and falls asleep, which was Cherish's plan all along.
Holly slides off the couch, forcing her skirt up, revealing her stockings, black
garter belt and white panties. Cherish drags her off by the feet, pulling her limp
body into her lair, where she ties Holly's wrists and ankles with beige nylons, and
gags her with a black stocking.

Brenda becomes impatient, wondering about Holly's fate. She's confronts Cherish who
wrestles her to the ground. A fight ensues between the two. Cherish places a cloth
over Brenda's face. She struggles to no avail, and is left sleeping with her skirt up,
revealing her white panties, garter belt and stockings. Cherish's patience is running
out with Holly regarding the location of her wealth. She drags Holly into the
bathroom, unceremoniously puts her in the tub and turns the shower on Holly's
sleeping body. The water wakes Holly, and soaks into her outfit, revealing her
sopping wet white panties, black garter belt, and the hint of her black bra under her
light blue top.

Still gagged, Cherish hauls Holly into the basement and shoves her over a sawhorse,
spanking Holly's white panty-clad bottom. Angles from the front, revealing Holly's
breasts falling out of her black bra, and from the rear, as Cherish smacks the sheer
bottom of Holly's white panties, with the black suspension of her garters clearly
showing through. Cherish pulls her to a pole implementing unusual rope techniques to
bind her in place, including behind-the-back wrist bondage, breast bondage, and a
knotted crotch rope which tugs erotically against her parts.

Cherish willfully fondles and teases Holly. She moans as her breasts, nipples and
crease are toyed with in objection and pleasure. Cherish amuses teasing Holly from the
front and behind demanding Holly to tell her what bank her money is in, and her ATM
code. Holly refuses. Cherish is rude and erotic in her play, but Holly refuses to
budge. Upstairs, Brenda awakes. She follows the erotic groaning and descends the
basement stairs providing exceptional under-the-stairs upskirt shots. Cherish attacks
her and applies her cloth over Brenda's face as Holly looks on helplessly. Cherish
undresses Brenda to her white panties, garter belt, stockings and white bra, binding
her with rope to a chair, where Cherish gags Brenda with a stocking, and goes back to
play with Holly. The activity is sensual and erotic, as Cherish manipulates Holly,
knowing her gag will keep her quiet.

During Cherish's extended foreplay, SADIE, Holly's big sister, enters the emporium.
Cherish hears her enter. She leaves her bound charges and greets Sadie. Cherish acts
as if the other girls haven't arrived, but Sadie insists she must use the phone to
call her sister. Entering Cherish's apartment, Sadie notices her sister Holly's purse.
Before she can assess the situation, Cherish attacks Sadie. An exceptional fight
ensues between the two, lasting nearly seven minutes, with hair pulling, biting,
wrestling, stripping, with Sadie revealing her red panties, black garter belt and
black bra. Sadie is six feet of Swedish perfection, and eventually overcomes Cherish
with a cloth. Cherish lies on the apartment floor asleep, in her sheer black bra,
black panties, garter belt and stockings.

In her black bra, and black half slip, Sadie explores the rooms of the apartment,
failing to find her sister. She opens the door to the basement . Hearing moaning, she
descends the stairs. She sees her sister Holly tied to the pole and rushes to her. But
she's attacked by Cherish in the basement. Again, they have a knock down, drag out
battle, this time Cherish conquering Sadie as Holly and Brenda look on helplessly.
Sadie is tossed over the spanking bench by Cherish who tries to make Sadie talk for
her sister. Cherish furthers the extent of the torture by shackling Sadie to the
ceiling girder, fondling and spanking her, much to the angst of Holly.

Finally, Cherish loses patience with Holly, dressing her in street clothes and forcing
her to withdraw all her money from the bank. When they return to the store, Cherish is
converged on by Brenda and Sadie who get the best of her, finally putting her to
sleep. Cherish awakes, chained and bound to a rafter, as Brenda, Holly and Sadie
fondle and abuse Cherish in her black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings, re-
enforcing the adage "REVENGE IS SWEET."

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