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Inga VonMinden.

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This turned out to be a very unusual experience for us. While having drinks
in a bar after a shoot, we met INGA, the bartender. She overheard us talking about our
latest production, and she couldn't help but ask us about our work. It turned out Inga
had her own fantasies. Although six feet tall, extremely fit and a kickboxing
instructor, she really wanted to be dominated by a male. Leave it to Swan Productions
to provide her an opportunity.

We asked her to come to our studio and audition for a modeling assignment. She showed
up on time, dressed in a tight black sweater and skirt ensemble, wearing reinforced heel and
toe stockings, and strappy black heels. We left her a note on the computer
that we had to go buy film, that she should relax and enjoy the fresh coffee. We
watch her move about the studio, check her make-up in the mirror, and adjust her
stockings and garters.

She pours a cup of coffee and sits in our overstuffed chair. As planned, she feels the effect
of the coffee, feeling unusually warm and sensual in a good way. She unbuttons her
sweater a bit, crosses and recrosses her legs, antsy, yet very sensual. Plenty of
upskirt shots revealing the tops of her stockings and garters, as she fondles herself.
Just as she begins to slumber, we sneak in and force a vloth over her nose and mouth.
She is indeed strong, struggling and flailing her legs in the air, trying to resist
the sweet smell on the cloth. Finally she succumbs, and slides down the chair, unaware
of her upskirt exposure and our freedom to shoot her while asleep.

She's pulled up, tossed over the shoulder, and carried to our daybed where we openly
shoot her limp body. Then the REAL fun begins as we document the erotic action as her
skirt and sweater are removed, leaving her in her black full-length slip and heels.
Slowly, her slip is removed, revealing her extremely fit body in a lacy black garter
belt under full-bottomed black panties and a very shapely black striped bra. Inga's
body is so luscious, we spent lots of time caressing her body with the camera, showing
the lovely detail of the snug way her nylons connect with her garters, the snug fit of
her panties, and the PERFECT fit of her breasts in her black striped bra. Despite Inga
being asleep, she seems erotically aware of what's going on.

Next, we find Inga, still unconscious, in a high chair. Her wrists are tied to the
arms of the chair, then her ankles are bound to the struts of the chair. Finally, we
attach a crotch rope. Still sleeping, the camera spans her body freely from head to
toe and back again, examining the detail of her nylons clipped to her garters, her
flat belly and lovely 36D breasts stuffed into her bra.

Inga begins to awake, still under the spell of the elixir and the aphrodisiac, her
hips moving and nudging and rubbing erotically against the rope We politely stopped
our work as she became fully conscious, allowing her to decide whether or not she
wished to pursue her fantasy further. The fact we have a second film featuring Inga is
the answer.

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