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Inga VonMinden.

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Now that Inga's had a taste of acting out her first erotic fantasy, she's anxious to
extend the adventure again. She's invited back to the studio after work, excited to
see what happens next.

Inga snuggles up on the daybed, still fully dressed, still in her heels and full
fashioned stockings. She picks up a book of erotic short stories which fuel her desire
for fantasy. Soon, she nods off, her body tingling with anticipation. Suddenly, she's
attacked by an unknown assailant who stuffs a cloth over her nose and mouth. She
struggles against the foe, twisting, turning, flailing the air with her long legs.
She's no match for the attacker, and drifts off to sleep. The assailant takes his time
examining this luscious woman - her long legs, full breasts and gorgeous face - before
he begins to slowly undress her.

First, he removes her sweater and dress, sensually taking his time sliding the fabric
off her body. She's peacefully unaware as he stares at her in her lace trimmed, full
length white slip, which shows the visible outlines of her pink satin panties, white
bra and white garter belt, the straps tightly hooking to the dark hem of her
stockings. He then tosses her over his shoulder and moves to the door.

Now he drags her unconscious form by her ankles into his secret dungeon, her slip
riding up, revealing the details of her garter belt and rosy pink panties. Sensually
he begins to bind her with rope, the tension defining the fullness of her breasts. He
wraps the rope around her waist and slides it between her legs, forcing her slip to
bunch up above her stocking tops. Inga awakes and struggles against her restraints,
only to be put to sleep again by her assailant.

He secures her to a concrete pillar and gags her with a nylon stocking. He watches as
she squirms and writhes against the rope, knowing the more she struggles, the more
intensely sensual she feels. Her movements change from a harsh struggle for freedom,
to a slower, more erotic pace. Unable to fend off the assailant, she feels his strong
hands as they glide up her legs and touch her silky stockings and garters. Although
she seems to try and push him away, her attempts are fruitless as his hand fondles one
of her breasts.

She gasps as she moves against the restraints, feeling the sensual power of
resistance. As suddenly as he appeared, the assailant disappears, leaving Inga alone
to struggle and find her own creative devices for becoming free from this dream…or is
it a fantasy come true?

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