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Leah St.Cyr.

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LEAH comes home from a hard day's work, dressed in an expensive suit and jacket. Her
open-toed heels clack on the wood floor, seeking the wine the fridge to take the edge
off. She flicks on the stereo and plops on the couch. She's alone, so she isn't dainty
when she uses the corkscrew to uncork her wine, allowing us to examine the details of
her lacy full slip, the whelt of her truly retro stockings, painted toes, and satiny
white panties. The music is interrupted by the Radio Announcer who warns listeners
another attack has occurred by the notorious "MYSTERIOUS MASTER" who preys on single
women.Just then, Leah's cell phone rings. It's her friend Amy who is clearly worried
about these break-ins. Leah listens patiently to Amy's concerns, but says, "I think
you secretly want this guy to come and attack you!" Leah's so sure this could never
happen to her, she jokes to Amy that she'd like the guy to attack her, just for the

Little does she know, her joke may become a reality.

Leah takes the bottle of wine and glass into the bedroom, but feels exhausted. She
snuggles with a pillow and immediately falls asleep. We are allowed to see her
gorgeous legs and heels, and the shape of her lovely breasts as she naps in her full
slip and skirt. Her slumber is cut short with a NOISE. She moves through her house,
seeking the source of the commotion. Leah's surprised to see the back door of her
house is ajar. She shuts and locks the door, then peers down the stairs to her
basement for any signs of foul play. Satisfied there's been no encroachment, she heads
back to the bedroom.

Suddenly, she's attacked in the living room by a masked intruder, wearing latex
gloves. She's forced face-first to an ottoman as the assailant tears at her clothing,
pulling her skirt up, roughly pulling her panties aside and spanking her pale pink
fanny. Leah puts up a fight as the intruder forces a cloth over her nose and mouth.
The scene shifts to Leah's point-of-view as her head swims, not knowing what is a
dream, and what is reality. At one moment, she's attacked on the ottoman, and in
another second, she's on her bed, aggressively mauled by the assailant who pulls the
straps of her slip down, revealing Leah's gorgeous breasts cupped in her ultra sheer
pink lace bra, her legs flailing in the air, exposing her satiny white triangle
nestled between her six strap garter belt, tugging on the whelt of her lovely

Next, we see Leah's painted toes encased in her vintage stockings and strappy heels
moving furtively, unable to go anywhere. The camera moves up her legs and her lovely
body, showing the details of her stocking tops, pulling against her garters, her slip
pushed rudely against her body with yards of rope, her breasts and fanny plumped
tightly with the bondage. Her full lips are trapped against a ball gag, drool running
down her breasts. She's unable to see anything since her vision is snuffed with a
blindfold. The attacker's latex-gloved hands grope Leah freely, fondling her breasts,
sliding between her legs, tugging on her garters as she writhes with fear. Or is it

The assailant rips her slip straps down, revealing Leah's perky breasts tucked in her
pink bra, her nipples clearly erect under the fabric. He indulges himself and pulls
down her bra, allowing Leah's breasts to spill out, her pink nipples taut. His hands
fondle her roughly yet sensually explore her fabrics, fanny, breasts and legs. Leah
seems to resist, yet might be finding pleasure the the attacker's affront. The
attacker now takes out a knife and strokes the blade against Leah's skin. She gasps in
terror, not knowing what will happen next. The tip of the blade explores her, finding
its way to the straps of her slip. The knife slices through the satin like butter, the
lace of the slip falling away, revealing her breasts in the sheer bra.

Then, he take the hem of her slip and begins slicing through the silky fabric, using
his hands to tear the slip into shreds, pulling and tugging it away from her body,
revealing Leah in her bra, panties, garter belt and heels while she's still bound by
the tight rope. Erotically, he pulls the whelt of one of her stockings away from her
lovely leg, and uses the knife to slice the nylon. Leah's flesh plumps from the
nylon's encasement as the attacker uses his hands to tear the fabric from her,
continuing to fondle her freely. Without notice, the Mysterious Master abandons Leah.
She senses his departure, spits the ball gag from her mouth, shoves the blindfold
aside, and attempts to get free from her binds. We see her push and writhe against the
ropes, trying to get loose. She reverts to using her teeth to bite at the knots
binding her wrists above her head.

Unexpectedly, we find Leah asleep on the bed, an empty wine glass in her limp hand,
the empty wine bottle next to her. She's dressed only in her slip and underthings, the
vague line of her garters and bra showing through the thin fabric. She awakes. Sitting
up, she picks up her cell phone and punches numbers. "Amy. It's Leah. Why don't I come
over and keep you company?"

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