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Double Bill: Girl Wars/Lingerie Espionage.

Note: Time shown reflects total time
of double feature.

Cherish & Wanda DuPre.

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CHERISH is charged with delivering top secret, prototype samples of lingerie to
her boss. The items are special because if they get wet, they emit a special oil.
When it comes into contact with the skin, the person wearing the garment
becomes highly, erotically charged. Cherish sits on the bed in her tight-fitting
gray skirt and sheer white blouse, and we see her lovely back-seamed
nylon-covered legs as she exits the room.

WANDA DUPRE is an agent for the competition. She talks to her boss on the phone,
smoking a cigarette and sipping wine in her tight black suit, crossing her nylon-clad
legs as she negotiates a large fee to steal the prototype garments from Cherish.

Cherish's boss provided her with a vacant "safe house" where she samples are to be
dropped off. Driving there, Cherish becomes erotically enthralled with the concept of
the lingerie, softly sliding her hand along the whelt of her stocking top and lacy
slip, touching herself and pumping on the gas pedal with her spikey heeled shoe. Upon
arrival at the house, she drives her car into the garage and closes the door behind
her. Exiting the car, she shows us her gorgeous, nylong clad legs, panty garter combo,
and the lovely lines of her undergarments against her tight skirt as she takes the box
from the car and into the house.

As expected, the house is emptly, without any furniture. Just as Cherish makes her way
toward the bedroom area, Wanda is nearly spotted breaking in through a doorwall.
Cherish enters the first bedroom and proceeds to takes off blouse, skirt, pantygarter
and stockings, eager to give the prototype her own personal "test drive".

Meanwhile, Wanda peeks her head in and watches as Cherish puts on a sheer, lacy bra.
amd hooks her back seamed stockings to the prototype black, six strap garterbelt
tucked tightly under sheer pink lace panties. Wanda's amused to watch Cheris lick her
fingers and touch her nipples through the bra, waiting for something sexy to happen.
But busiiness comes before pleasure, so Wanda sneaks up behind Cherish. placing a
cloth over her nose and mouth until Cherish drops in a heap on the floor.

Cherish awakes to find herself hog-tied, blindfolded and gagged with black stockings,
in the empty utility room, still in her prototype lingerie. She struggles to get to
her feet. Working her blindfold off, she hops to the door, works the latch, and
frantically hobbles toward the front door.

In the kitchen, Wanda talks to her boss on the phone and fingers the lingerie items in
the box. As she leans on the counter, her skirt rises just enough to reveal her
porcelain skin at the top of her stockings. But the commotion Cherish is causing
forces Wanda to finish her call and investigate.

She finds Cherish, still bound, trying to open the front door. Again she applies the
special cloth to Cherish's nose and mouth. Despite her desperated struggle, Cherish
succombs and slumps to the floor.

Curious about the effects water has on the lingerie, Wanda stands Cherish, still bound
and gagged, ,in the shower/bath. Using a spritzer bottle, Wanda drenches Cherish with
a glistening mist of water. Almost immediately, Cherish begins to moan and writhe as
the fabrics cling to her body. Reacting to the sensuous shock, she slowily slides down
the tiled walls, sinking to the tub floor, completely enthralled the the effects of
the prototype lingerie.

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