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Lydia Lyles, Xaina & Brent.

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LYDIA'S long workweek is done. Waiting for the building elevator, she's met by XAINA.
They decide to have a drink at a nearby bar, Inside the elevator, Xaina notices Lydia
having problems with her droopy stockings. Xaina offers to lend Lydia pair, so they
stop by Xaina's loft apartment. Lydia is impressed with Xaina's apartment, and her
vast array of clothing and shoes. While Lydia primps in a mirror expecting to borrow a
pair of stockings, Xaina concocts other plans for how Lydia will spend the evening.

As Lydia leaves the vanity, Xaina attacks her with a cloth. Although she appears to be
small and delicate, Lydia can put up quite a struggle. Xaina loves the challenge! The
two go at it, kicking, squirming and screaming until Lydia is overcome by Xaina's
power. As Lydia lays sleeping, Xaina pleasures herself by taking taking time to fondle
and explore her prize, touching and partially undressing Lydia, rubbing and sliding
her body against her helpless prey.

Xaina calls her lover, BRENT, proudly announcing her conquest, inviting Brent
to share and indulge. As she waits for Brent, Xaina takes her time undressing Lydia,
appreciating her taste in exquisite lingerie. Brent arrives at Lydia's loft, and
expresses appreciation of the gift and Xaina's taste in damsels. Ecstatic with
Brent's approval, Xaina does a sensual striptease in preparation for
the events soon to take place.

Lydia's moved to Xaina's basement, lovingly displayed and bound to a plush spanking
bench. Her round fanny positioned for play. Brent relaxes in an overstuffed chair
appreciating the voyeuristic view as Xaina erotically plays with her new toy. She
needs little direction from Brent regarding the nature of her play with Lydia,
although the rules are defined and clear: Xaina does only what pleases Brent.
No more, no less.

Xaina's enthusiasm for Lydia begins to draw Brent's attention -- and not in a good
way. Her playfulness with Lydia obviously excites her and becomes apparent to
Brent as Xaina's sensuality for Lydia is demonstrated from head to toe, as
she mounts, crawls, sucks, tweaks, fondles and spanks Lydia for her own
gratification, forgetting the manipulation of Lydia is for Brent's edification
rather than her own. Brent motions for Xaina to approach. She sits on the
floor between Brent's open legs expecting a reward.

Brent places a cloth over Xaina's nose and mouth. She squirms, and struggles for
freedom but she's denied and falls asleep in Brent's arms. When she awakes,
Xaina finds herself tied and bound next to Lydia, who is now blindfolded and
gagged. Jealous and vengeful, Brent makes Xaina look on while Lydia gets Brent's
full erotic attention, making Xaina jealous and insecure. Eventually as a reward,
Xaina is invited by Brent to participate in the erotic excursion of Lydia,
now knowing her rightful place.

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