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Madison Monroe.

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We are pleased to present the long awaited, final video of Madison Monroe.
Sadly, she has moved on to pursue other interests. Madison was 19 when she
did her first video with us. She immediately took an interest in our penchant for tease,
lingerie, damsel in distress themes, and performing in front of the lens, knowing
she was desired and sexy.

As a matter of fact, the concept for her last video was Madison's idea. "Playing" to
the camera was a fantasy she developed while working exclusively with us, and she
asked us to turn her fantasy into reality. Part of her request was to choose her
entire wardrobe, including her favorite skirt, sweater, high heels, panties, bra,
garter belt, stockings, make-up and jewelry. How could we resist?

The video is extremely erotic yet wonderfully innocent. First fully dressed, Madison
sensually walks, and poses in front of a full-length mirror. Clearly pleased with her
clothing selection. She quickly learned the intoxicating effect a perfectly fitting
tight white skirt had on men. Each time she bends or takes a pose to admire
herself, we see the delectable outline of her panties and the subtle trace of her
garter straps holding her full-fashioned stockings. She faces the bright sun,
allowing us to see the translucence under her skirt.

Moving to the studio daybed, Madison sensually sprawls on her tummy and back, still
fully clothed, while always keeping her sexy blue eyes on the lens...and us. She tucks
her legs up and in, allowing us to see her stocking tops, as she arches her back and
defines the perkiness of her breasts under her sweater. Slowly, Madison becomes
adventuresome, pulling up her skirt, allowing us precious peeks between her stocking-
clad legs, revealing panty line and the lovely tension and location of her garters
attached to her stockings.

She slowly disrobes to her slip, once again standing and moving into the backlight,
giving us a more detailed view of the luscious contents underneath the lace and silk.
She takes scissors and cuts the straps from her slip, revealing her lacy bra, then
straddles the edge of the bed, seeking the pleasure and pressure against her. Madison
loves the silky textures against her skin, softly sliding the slip fabric across her
breasts and between her legs. She wriggles out of the torn slip, eager to show us how
she looks without it, each item of lingerie perfectly nestled against her curves,
keeping her eyes on us, eager to please us with her private display.

Madison rolls and writhes, touching herself with self-satisfaction, knowing each
movement she makes will excite us as well as herself. She finds an errant stocking,
sliding it between her legs and across her breasts, between her luscious lips and
tongue, then wrapping it around a rung on the bed, begging us to tie her to it which
would complete her fantasy of being dominated and indulged by her hungry audience.
Madison will be sorely missed, yet anybody who watches this video will know the most
secret part of her desire is to indulge the pleasures of voyeurs, which is ultimately,
what excites and pleases her.

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