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Laura Palmer.

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What man hasn't fantasized about being a shoe salesman?!? Introducing THREE vignettes
of the most indulgent video of this genre!
First, LAURA PALMER, clad in a pretty
dress, pantyhose and strappy heels, shops for a new pair of closed-toed heels. She is
very demanding, and the SALESMAN patiently tries to accommodate her by fitting several
styles on her gorgeous feet. But nothing satisfies her. Frustrated and erotically
aroused, the salesman rewards her by sneaking up behind her in the chair and a cloth
forced over her face, her luscious body squirming and legs kicking until she falls
asleep, slumping to the floor.

He carries her to an overstuffed chair, opening her dress, fondling her bra-covered
breasts then releasing them from their cups. He spreads her legs and sensually runs
his hands from the tip of her toes to the top of her pantyhose. He indulges further by
posing her while sleeping, taking off her shoes while reely rubbing her feet and toes,
then completing his fantasy by styling her limp body, adjusting her dress, crossing
her legs, leaving her as if she were napping.

In the Second Act, Laura's wearing a stunning white dress. She's frantic because she's
getting married, but her shoes don't match her dress. The patient salesman understands
yet must offer her many different looks and styles. She finally makes a choice, but
says she left her purse in the car. Yeah, right. Attempting to leave the store in her
new shoes, the salesman attacks her from behind, shoving a cloth over her face. She
kicks and fights to get free, but the salesman has a firm grip on her, tossing her
face down across the shoe-fitting bench after she falls asleep. While still on her
tummy, he unzips her dress and takes it off her body.

He cradle-carries her, sitting in the store chair, with Laura sprawled limply across
his lap. Her lovely breasts are in a pale pink half-cup bra, her rosy nipples fully
exposed. Her white pantyhose are opaque across her hips and private parts. The
salesman openly fondles her breasts and nipples, freely spreading and stroking her
long legs, toying with her feet, while kissing her shoulders, neck and her full,
luscious lips. Finally, the scene ends with Laura being posed and photographed
in a large chair.

In the Third Act, Laura arrives home from a party. As she gets out of her car, it's
clear she's trashed. She wobbles along the sidewalk in her short black dress with the
flirty full skirt, black pantyhose and heels. Laura stumbles to her apartment having a
tough time inserting the key and opening the door. Finally getting access, she slumps
against the inside of the door, leaving the keys in the outside lock, making herself
an inviting target for any enterprising interloper.

She makes it to her bed and passes out, still fully dressed, and still in her heels,
with the lights on. A lusty male assailant takes advantage of the opportunity, by
entering, then slowly fondling her long legs and feet as she lays sleeping. In
a surprise move after attacking her one last time with a cloth to ensure her slumber,
the interloper turns on the radio dialing up a classic, romantic dance tune. Gently,
he pulls Laura from the bed and holds her limp body against his. He begins to rock and
sway, "dancing" with Laura who remains asleep the whole time. As he moves in his dance
fantasy, Laura's feet drag on the floor, her feet falling out of her lovely black
pumps. The song ends, and she's gently carried back to her bed, later to awake to a
huge headache and a fuzzy memory.

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