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Cherish, Sadie Belle,
Rachel Rose,  Holly Knight and Laura Palmer.

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RACHEL's getting married! Her sister CHERISH invites Rachel and her two friends. SADIE
and HOLLY, to a party to celebrate the event. As Cherish and her girlfriend LAURA get
ready, we learn that Rachel had stolen her soon-to-be groom from Cherish, who is not
one to forgive and forget. Rachel's friends try to convince her Cherish is up to no
good, but Rachel insists there are no hard feelings between them. The event is being
held at Minor Arcana, Cherish's store featuring witchcraft and black magic items. She
also lives in the apartment behind the store with Laura. When Rachel and her friends
arrive, they're greeted warmly by Cherish and Laura -- making Sadie and Holly even
more suspicious of their intent.

Cherish gives Rachel a rare and exotic "aphrodisiac" as a wedding gift, indicating its
effects are quite strong. Cherish and Laura must've taken some, because when
they're sitting in the apartment, Cherish and Laura begin slowly and intimately
dancing with one another. They cajole Rachel into their intimate dance and Cherish
insists there's no hard feelings. Their affectionate display makes Sadie and Holly
nervous, so Sadie suggests they play OUIJA. Rachel goes first, learning she is going
to find true love. Suddenly, the light fuse blows leaving only candle light. Cherish
and Laura go to investigate, Sadie and Holly want to leave.

From the back of the apartment, Cherish and Laura yell to Rachel they need help fixing
the fuse. Holly and Sadie beg her to stay, but Rachel chooses to go help. She feels
her way in the darkness toward the voices, When Rachel opens a door, she's attacked by
Cherish, while Laura uses a strong spotlight to watch the fight. Finally, Cherish
applies a cloth over her sister's face, rendering her helpless. In the living room,
Sadie insists they leave, but Holly refuses to abandon Rachel. Feeling something is
amiss, Holly decides to look for Rachel. When she enters the room, Laura pounces on
her while Cherish holds the light. A fierce struggle ensues until she's finally
subdued with a cloth to the face. Holly and Rachel are bound and gagged on the floor.
Then the two conspire to take down Sadie, the gorgeous, six foot Amazon who waits
alone in the dark, in a panic, searching for the light switch.

Suddenly, light floods the room as Cherish flicks on the switch. Immediately, Laura
literally jumps on Sadie's back, trying to stuff a rag over her mouth. Sadie is
extremely strong, and it takes both girls to wrestle her to the ground. The fight is
intense, full of hair pulling, and biting as Sadie easily flings each girl off. But
Laura and Cherish refuse to be denied. Finally Sadie goes down, squirming and
kicking to the end. Next, the girls undress Sadie to her bra, panties, garter belt
and stockings, then drag her away to the basement where she's securely tied
to Holly who is bound to a vertical pole. Everything's going according to Laura's plan.
Now it's time to give her sister, Rachel, a true "bridal shower". Stripped to her
lingerie, Rachel's wrists are bound to the shower curtain rod as water cascades
off her luscious, natural 34 D breasts, porcelain skin, sopping panties, and
glistening stockings. She feels Cherish's wrath as she's repeatedly spanked
and fondled in the shower.

Next, Rachel joins Holly and Sadie in the basement, where she's bent over a saw horse
and spanked again. Cherish and Laura freely photograph, fondle, tease and play with
the three bound and gagged girls. Their frolicking makes them hungry and they decide
to go out and dine on "seafood". Leaving their victims helpless in the cellar.

When the return, Laura and Cherish are stunned to see the basement empty. As they
descend the stairs, Laura is attacked by Holly and Rachel, as Sadie carries Cherish
over her shoulder then tosses her down on the floor. The struggle is intense including
wrestling, tearing of clothes, kicking until Laura and Cherish are subdued by cloths
to the face. Then they're subjected to severe spankings, fondling and hazing by
Rachel, Sadie and Holly. Next, Cherish and Laura are bound, gagged and chained to a
ceiling girder as the trio seems to come alive with all the erotic play. Holly takes
Rachel's vial of the aphrodisiac potion, adds it to a huge bottle of water, forcing
Cherish and Laura to drink it, then sharing it with her friends. The action becomes
exotic and frenzied as the five topless girls intertwine, kiss, fondle and play,
turning a terrible event in to one none of them will forget.

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