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LAURA PALMER and LYDIA LYLES get together at their favorite bar to celebrate the end
of another work week. Still in their lovely business suits, they chat, play pool, and
take advantage of the happy hour drinks. The two are very close friends and agree
Detroit's not a very exciting town. So they're frequently forced to find their own
kind of entertainment, which usually involves something adventuresome and, if they're
lucky, something naughty. On this night, Laura and Lydia decide to find a third girl
to be their playmate...whether she's willing or not.

While they sit at their table and discuss possibilities, SHAUNA RYAN enters the bar.
Alone. Both girls gawk at her beautiful blonde hair, thick, sensuous lips and figure,
especially her ample breasts. As Shauna sidles up to the bar, Laura and Lydia eagerly
agree to make her their target. Lydia makes the first move joining Shauna at the bar
and introduces herself. Shauna is friendly, but a bit aloof. Lydia learns Shauna's in
sales and visits Detroit on a regular basis from New York. Laura makes her way to the
bar and is introduced to Shauna. They invite her back to their table. With Shauna
seated between them, Laura and Lydia aren't shy about showing their affection for each
other by exchanging affectionate caresses and sensual kisses. Naturally, they're
excited to see Shauna isn't the least bit shocked.

The trio have lots of drinks and chat away. Soon enough, Shauna's head begins to spin,
so the two help her to the ladies' room. They each take an arm and guide the wobbly
Shauna into the rest room. Once in the privacy of the privy, Laura and Lydia prop
Shauna on the vanity, lifting her skirt, stroking her stocking covered thighs. Lydia,
squeals with delight when she opens Shauna's top, admiring her 36DD breasts, so
tightly encased in a white, lacy bra. Eagerly, the girls indulge themselves with
Shauna, then drag her out of the bar.

Always part of their plan, Laura and Lydia take Shauna into their well-equipped
cellar. They undress her while she's asleep, rope binding her to a high-backed chair.
Then they take off their business suits, Laura remaining in a full slip. Both are in
panties, bras, stockings, garter belts, and high heels, rubbing and fondling their
silk and lace against every part of Shauna's silk, lace, and skin. She can only moan
through the drool-inducing ball gag as Lydia physically climbs on her, sliding her
lovely modest breasts against Shauna's exciting breasts, pushing herself on the
gorgeous mounds. Laura slides herself against Shauna's long lovely legs, paying
special attention to her feet with and without her high heels. That's when Laura
discovers Shauna's very ticklish, and the girls enjoy working this weakness.

Deviance is thirsty work. Laura goes upstairs to get water for the group. While she's
gone, Lydia continues her focused play with Shauna. Secretly, she's worked her wrists
loose, grabbing a cloth and shoving it in Lydia's face. Unprepared and stunned, Lydia
is no match for Shauna, and she slumps to the floor. Surprisingly, Shauna prods
Lydia's limp body with her feet, suggesting Shauna may be equally, if not more,
familiar with damsel-in-distress themes. When Laura returns, she's attacked by Shauna
with cloth in hand. After an intense struggle, Laura succumbs to the effects, falling
limply to the floor. Then it's Shauna's turn to wreak her own style of revenge on
Laura and Lydia.

When Lydia and Laura awake, they're blindfolded, gagged and bound. Lydia's arms are
stretched their full length above her head. a stocking gag across her mouth, her eyes
forced shut with a leather strap. Laura's also vertical, arms tied behind her back,
wearing a bit gag and a shadow blindfold. Both are reduced to panties, bras,
stockings, garter belts, and heels. We learn Shauna's passion is acquiring her own
"amusements" when she's out of town on business and she's hit the jackpot with Laura
and Lydia's silly little scheme.

As the two become more alert, Shauna invites herself to use and play with toys
originally meant for her. She uses her hands to smartly swat and spank each girl, then
freely fondles each of them, She caresses their legs, breasts, and their secret
triangles. She takes her time, enjoying turning the tables on Laura and Lydia, using a
leather flogger, and a multi-pronged metallic titillation, tweaking their nipples and
sensually playing with all their erogenous zones.

Happily satisfied with her conquests, Shauna decides to indulge herself with dessert.
Her breasts move as she shakes the can of whipped cream, then carefully places the
sweet nectar on Laura and Lydia, sensually sucking the cream from their breasts and
nipples, as well as their arms and legs while continuing to spank and cajole the girls
with her very experienced and erotic play. Satisfied with her sly turnabout, Shauna
dons her top and skirt, leaving Laura and Lydia alone to figure out how to get free --
and how to learn to be the victors and not the victims.

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