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Cherish, Sadie Belle and Mimi.

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As SADIE BELLE and MIMI put on make-up and get dressed, we learn they're hatching
a plan to seek revenge on their so-called "friend", CHERISH, a cruel and dominating
woman. They seal the deal with a kiss. Next we see them in Sadie Belle's SUV, staking
out a Public Park where Cherish frequently strolls. As they wait, Mimi begins to have
second thoughts about their scheme, but when Sadie reminds her of the many harsh and
mean things Cherish has done to them in the past, Mimi finally agrees.

They spot Cherish and put their plan into play. Mimi pretends to be strolling as well,
pleased to meet Cherish by accident. They agree to sit and have coffee. As they walk
arm in arm, Sadie Belle sneaks up behind Cherish and tries to place a cloth over her
face. Cherish knows Judo, and flips Sadie over her back and runs. Mimi and Sadie
pursue, tackling her and finally knocking her out. Still in public view, Sadie and
Mimi drag the unconscious Cherish across the park to their SUV, toss her in the
cargo area and drive off.

Cherish awakes and finds herself being tied to railroad tracks in the center of town!
Despite how hard she struggles, Mimi and Sadie make sure her binds are secure.
Cherish looks down the tracks and sees the a diesel locomotive idling as Mimi and
Sadie quickly depart, leaving Cherish, squirming and horrified.

Later, Sadie gets a call from Mimi who is freaking out about what they had done to
Cherish. Sadie reminds her their stunt was simply a practical joke, meant to give
Cherish a taste of her own medicine, and that the locomotive was actually inoperative.
While they talk, Cherish sneaks into Mimi's apartment and puts a cloth over Mimi's
mouth, pulling her off her chair to the floor. On the other end, Sadie hears all the
commotion as Mimi is knocked out and dragged away. Now Sadie is the one
who is freaked out.

In a dank basement, Mimi's bound, gagged, and bent over a saw horse and given the
spanking of her life by Cherish. She's then tied spread eagle to storage shelving.
Cherish uses scissors to cut off Mimi's slip and enjoys erotic play as she uses the
scissors to slice Mimi's bra, cutting it away from her ample breasts.

Sadie gets a call from Cherish, informing her that she has Mimi held captive. Sadie's
furious, but obeys when Cherish tells Sadie to pick up a package that awaits her at
her back door. As Sadie opens the door, Cherish attacks her from inside her own house!
The two have a very intense fight, including pulling hair and biting. But Cherish is
victorious, knocking out Sadie with a cloth to the face. When Sadie awakes , she's
also bound and tied spread eagle to a rack on the basement floor with a gag jammed in
her mouth. Cherish delights herself in revenge as she manipulates Sadie's luscious
breasts and toys the the very tight crotch rope tucked between Sadie's legs. Mimi and
Sadie find themselves once again the victims of Cherish's cruelty and left to rot in
the cellar as Cherish leaves them to catch an airplane to Europe.

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