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Vivian Vamp & Melba Toast.

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Private Girls School Teacher VIVIAN VAMP looks forward to a relaxing evening. She
takes off her conservative teaching attire, and sits at her vanity drinking wine while
indulging her sensuous desires. Her reverie is interrupted by a phone call from the
Head Mistress. She informs Vivian one of the students, MELBA TOAST, has broken one of
the School's sacred rules and orders Vivian to resolve the issue. Her quiet evening is
ruined. She decides Melba will pay dearly for the inconvenience.

Melba, a shy, retiring student enters Ms. Vance's apartment , where she's forced to
relinquish the tool which got her in trouble -- a battery operated vibrator. Vivian
reprimands her severely for possession of the vibrator. First, she bends her over a
chair, lifts her skirt and spanks her, threatening her with expulsion. Melba defends
her right to have the toy, insisting the School has breached her Right to Privacy.
Vivian makes Melba massage her feet then plies her with wine.

When Melba falls asleep, Vivian explains her motivation -- to provide Melba's family
with compromising photos of her tied up and enjoying the affections of another woman.
Ms. Vamp figures any parent would be happy to keep this kind of eccentric behavior out
of the public eye with "financial compensation". Next, we see Melba tied from breasts
to ankles in a vertical position with a gag in her mouth and a blindfold. Vivian
exposes her most erotic and devious side as she cajoles and teases Melba with feathers
and the vibrator, as well as taking photos of her while in this an erotic state.
Satisfied she can successfully bribe Melba's family, Vivian decides to go out and
celebrate. Little does she know Melba has plans of her own.

Melba works to free herself f of her bounds. She's angry and vindictive regarding
Ms. Vance's plans to take advantage of her. Melba Toast plots revenge. When Vivian
returns home, she sees Melba has freed herself from her bounds. Before she can react,
Melba attacks her with a rag in hand, The two struggle, fighting from the bed and to
the floor, where Vivian finally succumbs. Then Melba takes off Vivian's skirt and
blouse, Next, Melba takes a snapshot of her and waits for Ms. Vance to awake.

Vivian awakes wearing a collar and leash, the end of which is held by Melba, who
forces Vivian to crawl to her. Melba demands the photos. Vivian refuses, even after
she's thoroughly spanked by Melba. So she's knocked out again, this time tightly bound
and gagged. Then Melba disrobes preparing herself for an erotic interrogation of
Vivian. When Vivian awakes, she's tightly tied and gagged vertically with Melba
controlling the wispy tickling feathers and the vibrator. She erotically and
aggressively teases Vivian demanding to know where the photos are hidden. Vivian
refuses to budge, despite Melba's seductive teasing. Out of frustration, Melba forces
a cloth over Vivian's face.

Vivian is awakened by the sound of the telephone ringing. She finds herself still
bound, but now on the bed. As she clumsily tries to get to the phone, she notices a
photo stuffed in the rope that binds her wrists. It's a shot of herself, on the bed,
her legs spread with the incriminating vibrator resting on her pubic bone. As she
struggles to the phone, she finds more compromising photos. When she finally answers,
it's Melba on the line. Knowing her plan backfired, Vivian finds herself pleading with
Melba not to blackmail her.

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