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Rachel Rose & Vivian Vamp.

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Being the daughter of a deceased wealthy industrialist has its advantages. But being
the stepdaughter has its drawbacks. RACHEL is "daddy's daughter" who runs the company.
VIVIAN , her step sister leads on the accountant to extort money from the company for
her own gains. On the sofa, she lifts her skirt and fondles herself, making sure the
CPA will assist her quest to take over her step father's company.

When Rachel returns home, she discusses with Vivian her concerns about her close
relationship with the CPA. Vivian assures Rachel they're simply friends and invites
Rachel to have a glass of wine with her near the pool. With her CPA's assistance,
Vivian spikes a bottle of wine with a little something extra and offers Rachel a glass
careful not to drink any herself. Rachel becomes dizzy and finally passes out. Vivian
drags Rachel by the legs down the hall, revealing Rachel's long and luscious stocking
clad legs and panties. Then Vivian ties her spread-eagle onto her bed, fully expecting
to be able to get Rachel to tell Vivian the codes she needs for her and the CPA to
take control of the business assets and cash.

Vivian straddles Rachel on the bed, teasing her, trying to coax her into turning over
the company's assets, but Rachel is adamant, insisting "It's not what Daddy wanted".
Despite Vivian's erotic teasing and seeking advice on how to make her talk, Rachel
refuses to cooperate with Vivian. Frustrated, Vivian decides to take control of the
situation and use her own wiles to force Rachel to give her control of the assets.

In her bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings and heels, Rachel is led to the swimming
pool where Vivian, still fully clothed, leads her into the water, still bound and
tied. Vivian takes off her wet outerwear and calls her accomplice for advice on how
to make Rachel talk. Outraged that the plan didn't work, Vivian inadvertently drinks
several glasses of wine from the "spiked" bottle. Like Rachel, she soon falls asleep.

While still affected by the drug, Rachel gets loose of her rope bindings and attacks
an unsuspecting Vivian, forcing her onto a lounge chair, then forcing a cloth over her
face. When she awakes, Vivian is vertically tied by Rachel to a portion of the
swimming deck, her arms strapped to the railings. Rachel, always attracted to Vivian's
beauty but not to her greediness, rubs her body against Vivian, intertwining her legs
and rubbing her breasts and body against her evil step sister.

Despite her attraction to Vivian, Rachel had always known Vivian's goal was to take
over her father's company with the CPA. Now that Vivian's tied, bound and woozy,
Rachel enjoys her intimate time with Vivian, teasing and fondling her, feeding her
more wine. Prodded by Rachel's erotic fondling, Vivian confesses her plan to take over
the company with her lover. Satisfied with the confession, Rachel leaves Vivian
strapped to the railings, hungry for more attention. Instead, Rachel returns to the
house to confront the inter-famiy espionage that nearly ruined her company and future.

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