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Madeline Frost, Lauren Kain,
Ginger Burke & Laura Palmer.

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The best 1950's TV game show ever! GINGER BURKE hosts contestants LAURA PALMER, LAUREN
KAIN and MADELINE FROST as they play a few rounds of a very sexy and special version
of "Truth or Consequences". Ginger asks each girl a question. If they answer
incorrectly, they must take Ginger's humiliating consequence.

The first contestant is Laura, Her answer is wrong, and she must stand on a platform
as a WIND MACHINE blows her skirt up, revealing her luscious legs and intimate
apparel. Laura's shocked and embarrassed as her skirt billows up. The audience loves
views of her stockings, garter belt, and frilly panties. Humiliation includes an
upskirt SLOW MOTION REPLAY exhibition, then Lauren is sent offstage to change her
wardrobe for the next segment. Lauren doesn't do better. Three wrong answers forces
her to show the audience a front view of her panties, a view of her bra, and a back
view of her girdle clad panties in slow motion.

Madeline is next. Her first wrong answer includes a surprise "52 Pick Up" that reveals
her gorgeous fanny,stockings and garter belt. Her second wrong answer forces her (with
some coaching from Ginger) to show her bra to the audience. Her final answer to the
question is wrong, and Madeline's forced to take off her skirt and blouse. All of her
consequences deserve slow motion, and Madeline runs off the set in humiliation. Ginger
prepares the audience for round two by admitting her petticoat is "itchy", so she
removes it on camera allowing the crowd a lovely view through her skirt and an
attachment of her garter to her wayward stocking.

The second portion is just as titillating. The contestants, now dressed in new
wardrobes are required to play "Musical Chairs" but with only one chair! But when
MADELINE senses the music will stop, she tries to sit in the chair. Laura and Lauren
stop her, but pull off her sweater in the process, revealing Madeline's black full
slip, then her lacy bra, repeated in slow motion. Hostess Ginger decides ALL the girls
should be without their tops in order to continue the game. Madeline forces Laura out
of her top and slip, revealing Laura in a balcony bra. Ginger pulls off Lauren's top.
The girls continue to play until the music stops. Pushing and shoving ensues with
Lauren being the victor. All of the activity is lusciously documented in slow motion.

Lauren thinks her prize is a balloon. For her real prize, Ginger makes her take off
her skirt and reveal her sheer panties, garter belt and stockings. Laura and Madeline
find this hilarious until their selection of a "prize" balloon turns out to be exactly
what Lauren encountered -- a full strip down to their intimate apparel,-- all shown in
slow motion instant as the girls swat each other with their balloons, the audience
cheering them on.

The final event has all three girls kneeling on a special bench, each revealing their
fannies through black, white, and pink sheer backed panties. All expect a special
prize for their efforts as the audience cheers. Instead, Ginger uses a paddle and
swats each of their bottoms, much to the contestant's surprise. Then Ginger pulls down
their panties, revealing their naked bottoms. She smacks their flesh with her paddle,
totally humiliating the trio. Suddenly the three pull up their panties, rise from the
bench and attack Ginger. They rip and tear at her, pulling off her dress. The audience
goes wild with the action as Madeline, Laura and Lauren pursue Ginger off the stage.
Of course, all of the activity is shown again in slow motion.

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