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Double Bill:
Role Playing/The Ties That Bind.
Note: Time shown reflects total time
of double feature.

Lydia Lyles & Laura Palmer.

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LYDIA comes home to find her roommate, LAURA, reading a movie script, the theme of
which is very erotic. Her character calls for being bound and gagged, but Laura has
never been tied up before, so she's unsure how to play the role. Lydia volunteers to
play the "villain's" part, so Laura can really get into her character. Laura pretends
to arrive home with the mail. Lydia grabs Laura and threatens her with a knife, and
forces her on to an overstuffed chair. As the script is written, Lydia ties Laura's
hands behind her back, binds her at the ankles, and gags her.

Laura's character seems appropriately distressed while seated, moaning, wiggling
and writhing to get free. Lydia's a natural playing the part of the movie's
villain, paying extra time and attention to Laura's lovely legs, thighs, and
her high heeled feet.

Laura begins to be concerned with Lydia's focus on her feet and legs as Lydia slides
her hands erotically along her thighs, hiking her tight black skirt ever higher. Now
Laura's struggling is not an act as she is freely fondled by Lydia's curious hands,
and lips touching, kissing and caressing her from thigh to toe.

Lydia decides to deviate from the script, choosing to "improvise" to suit her own
erotic desires, by forcing Laura into a sitting position, then getting her to stand.
It's a difficult balancing act for Laura and she tries to complain through her gag,
but to no avail. Lydia places a straight back chair in the middle of the room and
makes Laura "hop" over to the chair. The action of seeing Laura's luscious
body moving across the room really excites Lydia.

As soon as Laura positions herself in the chair, Lydia use more rope to tie Laura
tightly to the chair and resumes her sensual fondling, caressing and kissing of
Laura's legs, thighs and feet. The more Laura squirms, the more excited Lydia becomes,
much to Laura's muffled objections. Knowing Laura is now completely unable to get
free, Lydia decides to go to the store and buy some wine, and really make a night of
fulfilling her fantasies by playing with Laura and her gorgeous body. Lydia departs
leaving Laura alone to struggle and squirm, helplessly trying to scream through her
gag. Could there be a sequel in this?

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