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All Our Actresses.

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BondageTales is pleased to offer a compilation reel of all our videos produced to date.
We cover a wide spectrum of the world of bondage and "damsel in distress" themes.
This is the best way for the curious and accomplished to experience who we are and what
we do to please the bondage enthusiast.
This video montage is an energetic, high action
glimpse into our philosophy of producing extremely high quality, storyline based
We cover the entire genre, from sleeping, abduction & capture, rope, leather &
fabric bondage, to spanking, wet play, messy fun, and so much more...

Each story is wrapped around strong character performances by gorgeous women who are
"fit to be tied".
If you've always wanted to acquire a BondageTales video, but weren't
sure which was the perfect one for you, we wish to help in making your decision by
inviting you to screen this exceptional, stand-alone piece.
Titles of each video are
provided in the lower right hand corner of each scene.

Dialogue, titles, music, partial nudity and bondage, bondage & more bondage!

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