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Ginger Burke, Laura Palmer
& Lydia Lyles.

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LYDIA LYLES is a talented and dedicated seamstress. She expects respect from her
clients, and when she doesn't get it, she becomes clearly annoyed. One this evening, a
new client, LAURA PALMER is nearly an hour late for her fitting appointment. To Lydia,
that's a sign of disrespect. One strike against Laura. When Laura does show up, she is
apologetic, yet considers Lydia to be "beneath" her in social stature. That's two
strikes against Laura. Lydia is impertinent and forward with Laura, although her
beauty immediately captivates Lydia and her uninhibited darker side.

Laura is shown to the dressing room and asked to disrobe to her lingerie, so Lydia can
take accurate measurements. While behind the changing room curtain, Lydia is treated
with a luscious but unrehearsed "striptease" by Laura. Clearly, Lydia has an interest
in her. Almost intentionally, the dressing room light begins to fail, blinking on an
off. As Laura tries to correct the fault, Lydia takes a cloth and enters the dressing room,
forcing the cloth over Laura's face. The two wrestle, fight and struggle into
the main room, where Lydia forces Laura onto her daybed and applies it to Laura, who
valiantly struggles until she's rendered unconscious. Gloating with pride, Lydia drags
Laura off by her legs to another, unknown location.

Later, GINGER BURKE arrives. She's the most intimate friend Lydia has, so she's
always trying to please her with gifts and surprises. But Ginger, a respected lawyer,
has had a tough day and isn't amused or interested in the "surprise" Lydia has
acquired for her. With some sensuality and coaxing, Ginger agrees to follow Lydia into
the basement where Ginger's "gift" awaits. When Ginger's introduced to Laura, bent
over and bound to a spanking bench, Lydia is shunned and dismissed by Ginger and told
to leave. Ginger's rebuke devastates Lydia. Her pride gets the better of her and she
plots revenge.

While Ginger completely focuses on Laura and her gorgeousness displayed so beautifully
sprawled across a spanking bench, Lydia lurks in the corner, waiting for an opportune
moment to strike with cloth in hand. Ginger has placed a ball gag and a blindfold on
Laura, to heighten the experience. In the the background, Lydia toys with herself,
turned on by the activity in front of her.

Lydia strikes, placing the rag over Ginger's face. The two struggle on the floor,
Lydia wrapping her long, luscious legs around Ginger, until she passes out. Next,
Lydia ties Laura and Ginger together as they straddle the bench, gagging Ginger as
well. Now Lydia can enjoy BOTH girls, freely fondling their legs and bodies with
feathers, soft floggers and her hands. Then Lydia applies ample doses of whipped cream
to their breasts, legs and feet, greedily indulging herself with her own "home made"

Later, Laura awakes to find herself partially dressed, lying on the changing room
floor. Naturally, her head aches and Lydia tells her the overhead lamp had fallen on
her head, knocking her unconscious. Laura isn't buying the explanation. Lydia
innocently invites Laura to try on her custom made dress, but Laura refuses, quickly
finding her way to the door and rushing out. A smirk widens on Lydia's face, pleased
with herself and looking forward to fulfilling more of her fantasies with Ginger.

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