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Mya Wells.

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MYA WELLS comes home to her apartment after a hard day's work. As she sorts through
her mail, she notices a beautifully wrapped gift at her apartment doorstep. She brings
it in, takes off her raincoat, and places the gift on the coffee table. She
contemplates the box, wondering who would've sent her the package. Curious and unable
to resist, she carefully opens the card which reads: "From Your Secret Admirer".
Next, she slowly unwraps the gift, opens the box and finds a gorgeous, old-fashioned,
beautifully detailed black perfume atomizer. She searches a bit more, hoping to find
another note, but there is nothing to indicate who the sender was. Still, it's
beautiful, and she can't resist testing the fragrance. She sprays a light cloud into
the air, breathing in the delectable scent. Pleased with its bouquet, she inhales
another waft. Suddenly, she becomes dizzy, the room spinning out of control. She
slumps onto the couch, unconscious.

A STRANGER enters her living room, drinking in Mya and her luscious form, drugged and
so very vulnerable on the sofa. He sits and props her limp body against his chest,
unbuttons her sheer blouse, freely fondling her breasts encased in a sheer black bra.
At the same time, he raises the hem of her tight black skirt and strokes her long,
silky, pantyhose clad legs and thighs.

He picks her up and carries her over his shoulder into the bedroom and gently placing
her on her queen-sized bed. He joins her, fondling her legs and breasts, rolling her
from her back to her tummy and back again. Mya begins to stir, so the stranger sprays
another waft of perfume, allowing her to take in the complex levels of erotic and
exotic scents. Mya falls limp again.

The Stranger takes his time undressing her -- first the blouse, then her black skirt,
intentionally leaving her patent leather high heels in place. He admires her swollen
breasts in her sheer black bra, the silky shininess of her pantyhose, and the lacy,
built-in black panties. He takes his time stroking her hair, breasts, legs and thighs,
touching the privacy under her lacy panties.

He spreads her arms and legs wide as possible, using ripe to bind her ankles and
wrists to the bed posts, and gazes at her helpless spread-eagled beauty. He sprays
more of the elixir near her face, and freely fondles her breasts, her nipples becoming
stiff and swollen, then strokes her precious valley and long legs.

While she's still out, her unties her and completely redresses her in her blouse and
skirt, then cradle-carries her back to the sofa. Meticulously, he repositions her in
her original pose, seated with her legs crossed. He then replaces the unwrapped gift
with an exact duplicate which is still wrapped, adds the exact same card, and exits,
leaving Mya to awaken and wonder -- did she have a dream, or was the event real?

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