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Laura Palmer & Madison Monroe.

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LAURA PALMER and MADISON MONROE enter separate entrance of the same building.
Each ascend and descend stairs, allowing us to see the shape of their lovely bodies
and long, stocking-clad legs. The accidentally bump into one another in a hallway,
discovering they're both looking for the same photographer's studio, surprised to
learn they're vying for the same position as assistant. Both take the attitude of "May
the best man win" as they enter the studio. Much to their surprise, there's nobody
there, but the studio is fully furnished. Madison, the more adventuresome of the two,
discovers a drawer full of sexy lingerie, which amuses her, but unsettles Laura,
sensing the place was too eerie for sweet demeanor.

The room is dramatically draped in ropes and black cloth. When Madison tries to dial
the number on the business card, she finds the studio phone has been disconnected.
Madison volunteers to find another phone in the building, while Laura stays behind in
case the photographer returns. Now alone and a bit jumpy, Laura examines the room,
drawn to a skeleton skull on the wall, and a table full of ropes, leather bindings,
blindfolds, feather and other erotic playthings. As she examines the articles, the
skull becomes a human figure moving forward and behind Laura. He suddenly grabs
her, placing a cloth over her nose and mouth. Laura struggles mightily, but she's
no match for THE SLAKE as he pulls down her sweater across her shoulders and
flings her onto a table.

Laura kicks wildly, revealing her white panties and stocking-clad legs. Ultimately she
falls limp and unconscious. She's carried to a daybed where the Slake takes off her
top and skirt, leaving her in her black bra, white panties, black garter belt,
stockings and heels. She's gagged with a stocking, her wrists tied in front of her
with intricate breast bondage leading between her legs and down to her ankles as the
Slake fondles and strokes her gorgeous legs, fanny and breasts. When she awakes, she
struggles and writhes, trying to get free, screaming through her gag.

Madison returns, having no luck finding a phone. She's shocked to see Laura bound and
tied on the bed, racing to her to untie her. From out of nowhere she's attacked by the
Slake. She's shoved into a vertical pole, her shirt ripped off her shoulders as he
seems to take pleasure in toying with her, forcing her to the floor placing the cloth
over her face. She flings her legs wildly until she finally passes out. The Slake
slowly undresses Madison as Laura struggles and objects on the bed. Madison's left in
her white bra, panties, nude stockings and white garter belt, the Slake goes to Laura
and puts her to sleep again.

The two awake, finding themselves wobbly but standing, each bound with rope, but
carefully bound to each other face-to-face. Using a hank of rope, the Slake pulls the
girls even closer to one another, then Laura is handed a pocket rocket vibrator,
Madison given a wand with shiny tendrils as the Slake forces them to play with one
another. The girls tentatively work their toys on one another, tickling and rubbing
the toys against each other's breast, arms, legs, fanny, and private triangle. The
longer they play, the more sensual each becomes. The game intensifies as the Slake
makes them exchange toys and continue.

Next, the two awake, fully clothed and tied back-to-back against a pole. They wriggle
until their rope bindings loosen and they free themselves. Rushing to the door, Laura
can't resist moving to the Skull hanging on the wall. Despite the erotically charged
event that had taken place that day, both girls make a pact never to speak of the
occurrences that transpired.

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