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Sara Morgan.

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SARA, lying on a bed, dressed in a polka dot skirt and white blouse, finds herself
under attack by THE SLAKE. He shoves a cloth into her face as she struggles to no
avail to get free. She succombs and falls limp on the bed as the Slake opens her
blouse to reveal the lacy white bra covering her breasts. Nezt, he runs his hands up
her black stocking-clad legs, white garter belt snuggled over her white panties.
Slowly, he takes off her blouse and skirt/ While he awaits her to wake, he goes to
the lingerie drawer and chooses another set of intimate apparel for Sara.

Sara is modest and shocked to find herself in this predicament, trying to cover
herself. The Slake has other ideas. Hie forces Sara to change into the lingerie he has
selected for her. He also chooses leather wrist and ankle cuffs in which to bind her.

Timidly, Sara appears, now wearing blood red full-bottom panties with a black lace,
six-strap garterbelt over them, and a lacy black bra to cover her ample, naturral
breasts. The Slake gruffly puts on the wrist cuffs, and clips them together. Using
rope and pulleys, Sara's arms are puller and secured tightly above her head. The Slake
then puts a three foot spreader bar between her legs, attaching it to her ankle
straps. He watches as she struggles to get free, amused with her fervor, and
leaves the room.

Sara works herself free from her binds and rushes to the door. From out of nowhere,
The Slake reappears and stuffs the cloth onto her face, holding her from behind. She
wiggles to get free, but she's not match for him, and slumps to the floor, her arms
and legs splayed open. The Slake enjoys taking the time to see her this way, but has
further plans for her.

Sara awakes again, now on her knees, tied face-first to the bed with yards of rope.
The Slake has chosen to apply a tight hank between her legs, at her ankles, with her
arms stretches across the bed, then uses a soft slogger to spank her rosy fanny. As
Sara reacts, she straights us, which gives him access to her breasts, allowing him to
use the whip on her breats as well as her bottom. Next, he uses a feather on her
fanny, sliding it deliberately between her legs. Although Sara is appalled, she cannot
resist The Slake's slow tease.

Sara is turned around, still on her knees, still ties to the bed, her back arched
agaisnt the side. The Slake now turns on a pocket rocket and begines to work it on
Sara. He takes his time, moving it between her legs and to her breasts. The process is
slow and deliberate, and despite her prudence, Sara becomes arrouses, arching her back
and pelvis, pleading for more The Slake intentionally made Sara's rope binding loose,
and now she pulls her hands to her breasts, to enhance the erotic experience while The
Slake continues to use the pocket rocket intensely between her legs, Sara now moaning
and pleading for more.

Without warning, The Slake stops his teasing with the pocket rocket, causing Sara to
moan and beg for more. He moves to the door and leaves the room. Sara, nearly at her
apex is left bound on her knees, squirming and writhing, pleading for The Slake to
bring her to culmination.

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