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Laura Palmer & Andrea Morgan.

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LAURA PALMER and ANDREA MORGAN bump into one another in the corridor of a building
and learn they both are booked for a photo shoot with T. SLAKE. Both are dressed in
tight skirts, stockings and heels, which clack lusciously as they walk down the halls,
and up and down stairs until they reach the Slake's studio. Inside, they find a note
from the photographer - he's gone out for film - explaining to them that Laura is cast
as a school girl, and Andrea is cast as the strict teacher. The note tells the two
to find bras, panties, stockings and garterbelts, as well as skirts, heels and
tops to complete the look.

Andrea admits she's a bit nervous doing the shoot, but Laura, the consummate pro,
eases her concerns as they carefully select their undergarments for the shoot. Laura
helps Andrea undress, taking off her sweater and skirt, leaving her in a purple lace
bra, white panties that cover her black six-strap garterbelt which hold up her beige
backseamed nylons. Laura then assists Andrea in finding the appropriate skirt, slip,
sweater and shoes for the perfect "strict teacher" look, even helping Andrea with her
make-up and hair.

The girls didn't think to bring refreshments, so Andrea volunteers to go down the
street and pick up bottled water. When she leaves, Laura sits at the vanity and starts
to work on her hair. Suddenly, she's attacked from behind by THE SLAKE, who pulls her
from the chair, pushing a cloth against her nose and mouth. Laura fights hard, her
legs kicking high into the air. She's no match for The Slake when he forces her face-
first onto the arm of an overstuffed chair. Laura finally succumbs, sinking limply
into the chair.

The Slake carries her to the daybed, enjoying Laura limp body, fondling her at will.
He takes his time removing her blouse and skirt, looking at her lying on the bed in
her white lace bra, light blue panties, her white six-strap garterbelt tucked tightly
inside her panties, with beige backseamed nylons and black strappy high heels. He
enjoys taking off each shoe, then unhooking her stockings, sliding them down and off
her long legs. He sits behind her, lifting Laura's limp body up against his chest, and
smells the perfume in her long blonde hair, then lays her back down on the bed.

When Andrea returns with the water, she's stunned to find the room empty. Her eyes
move to the bed which is now rumpled and piled with the clothes and lingerie Laura had
worn that morning.

Without warning, The Slake comes behind her, placing a cloth against her nose and
mouth. Andrea's screams are muffled, but she resists mightily, trying to get free.
She's shoved into the overstuffed chair, her legs flailing wildly but The Slake keeps
the cloth in place as she struggles, now being forced onto the ottoman and finally the
floor where she succumbs.

Again, The Slake takes his time admiring his work, taking Andrea's skirt and sweater
off, leaving her in a white lacy slip, covering her white lace bra, white lace
panties, white garterbelt and beige back seamed stockings. Next, The Slake carefully
lines Andrea up on the edge of the rug, and rolls her limp body into it, completely
rendering her as helpless as a mummy, shoulder carrying her away.

In the womb of his dark dungeon, The Slake unrolls Andrea from the carpet while she
remains unresponsive. In the same area, Laura's hands are bound with leather
restraints in a tall, wooden chair. She's now dressed in a plaid school girl skirt,
white knee high socks, black Mary Jane school shoes, and a white blouse. Her hair is
now in pigtails, the character The Slake has outlined for his photo shoot.

While Andrea lies in her unwelcome slumber, The Slake freely fondles Laura from
behind. He opens her blouse, revealing the smooth lines of the white semi-sheer bra
covering her breasts. He lifts her skirt, showing off Laura's white full bottom
panties. Slowly, she begins to awaken, but The Slake applies a cloth to her face. She
kicks and squirms but cannot get free of her bonds, and once again drops off into
oblivion. The Slake takes off her wrist restraints and cradle carries her to a school
desk, first placing her limp body on the top of the desk, located very near the limp
body of Andrea. He then pulls Laura up and places her in the desk seat, then applying
a black nylon gag before departing the scene.

Andrea awakes and crawls to Laura who is still out, seated at the desk. A computer
command startles her and she moves to a laptop placed in the room. She's instructed to
tie Laura to the desk and told she must follow all instructions or be punished.

Reluctantly, Andrea uses rope to bind Laura, who is still out, to the desk. Just as
she finishes, the computer sounds with the next order and a stern warning not to
disobey since he is able to observe their every move.

As instructed, Andrea fetches a glass of blue liquid, meant to "relax the girls, and a
"pocket rocket" from the desk. As Laura awakens, Andrea tells her what must occur and
gently forces Laura to drink the liquid. Next, Andrea sits on the desktop facing Laura
applying the buzzing pocket rocket on herself as well as Laura, who now begins to work
her rope bindings loose.

Out of the darkness The Slake attacks Andrea, dragging her to the floor, shoving the
cloth into her face once again. Once again, Andrea puts up a valiant fight, her legs
flailing helplessly in the air as The Slake straddles her. Laura finally frees herself
and jumps on The Slakes back just as Andrea goes out. He tosses Laura off her back
like a rag doll, applying the cloth to her nose and mouth. Laura kicks and fights, but
in her condition, falls prey to the dominant Slake, drifting off once again.

The Slake takes Andrea by the heels and drags her into a smaller chamber, resting her
against a concrete pillar. He then lifts Laura's limp body under her arms and drags
her into the same room with Andrea.

Both girls awaken to find themselves intricately bound with rope, each seated in a
chair, each in their underwear. Laura has an extra restraint: a leather neck collar
attached to a pole which is connected to the brick wall. The Slake enters with a
flogger and begins to wield the tool on the soft flesh of both girls. Next, each girl
is forced to stand as The Slake ties crotch ropes between their legs, making sure
they're tight and secure. He uses a length of rope to tie the two together and applies
the flogger on their legs, breasts, and fannies.

He picks up another, special apparatus: an electric vibrator and applies the very
active tip to each of the girls, focusing the action on their breasts and between
their legs, while continuing to snap them with the flogger.

When he leaves, Andrea nearly works her rope bindings free, and attempts to help Laura
out of hers. But as The Slake warned earlier, he can see everything they're up to. He
returns and applies the cloth to both girls, returning them to a slumber state in
their chairs.

As he exits the chamber, The Slake closes the heavy door, insuring it's secure by
placing a steel bar across the front leaving Laura and Andrea trapped in their
nightmare photo shoot that went awry.

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