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Laura Palmer.

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LAURA PALMER takes on the task of being a "temp" secretary for T. Slake. Her tight, black dress
is sexy, but still appropriate for her role. She primps while she rides the elevator up to his
office. Her black strap high heels make the delicious clacking noise as she walks down the hall
to his office, her long legs encased in black back seam RHT nylons.

She's alone when she enters his office, the second day in a row when she's worked there, but
she's yet to meet T. Slake himself. Laura makes herself comfortable sitting at his desk.
Because she wasn't given specific duties, Laura simply bides her time, adjusting her stockings,
smoothing out the wrinkles, straightening the garters on the six-strap black open bottom girdle
she wears under her dress. She enjoys the way her legs feel in her stockings, and because she's
alone, takes extra time crossing and uncrossing her legs, spreading them and revealing her
full-bottom white panties. She occasionally tugs on the lacy hem of her short black half slip,
keeping it aligned with her dress hem.

The ringing phone interrupts her reverie. She explains to the person on the other end that
she's only a temp, but the caller asks her to find a file and to call her back once she
retrieves it. Laura moves to the filing cabinet in the outer office and looks for the file in
question. Suddenly, out of nowhere, The Slake sneaks up behind her and applies a cloth to her
mouth and nose. Despite her struggle, Laura is no match for The Slake, and soon slumps to the
floor, unaware her dress is now hiked up to her waist, exposing her lovely legs and intimate
apparel to The Slake's hungry eyes.

He takes her by the ankles and drags her into the other office, dropping her half on and half
off the black leather couch. The Slake takes his time moving Laura's limp body onto the couch,
randomly posing her lying there with her legs spread, or sitting her up on the couch, freely
fondling her legs and feet.

While Laura's face down on the couch, The Slake unzips her dress and methodically takes it off
her, sliding his hands across her white lace bra, along her legs from her crotch and lacy slip
edge, along the whelt of her stockings and down to her high heeled feet. The Slake turns Laura
over on her back, appreciating the view of her in quiet repose.

He then cradle carries Laura into the outer office, placing her sleeping body on the glass top
table. He spreads her legs wide, using rope to bind her ankles and wrists, then wraps shiny
black tape across her mouth. Again, The Slake moves his eyes and hands along her entire body,
appreciating her silky lingerie and soft skin.

Laura begins to awake to a strange buzzing sound, which is The Slake's vintage electric
vibrator. Despite her muffled plea for freedom, The Slake slowly runs the unit on her entire
body, sliding it under her bra, allowing the erotic movement to swell her nipples, then along
her stocking tops and legs, teasing the vibrator up the inside of her thighs, and to Laura's
crotch, which is tightly encased in her white panties.

Laura writhes, the deep vibration of the implement causing goosebumps on her skin. As The Slake
focuses on the sweet area between her legs, a damp, wet spot appears. Letting The Slake know
his efforts are not going unappreciated. Laura's muffled cries to be free become sensuous moans
as The Slake continues to tease Laura at her most secret spot until her body begins to spasm
and contort in pleasure.

In the end, Laura will never forget the time spent working for the mysterious T. Slake.

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