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Madison Monroe & Brooke Bennet.

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MADISON'S dying to get into Phi Alpha, the most popular sorority on campus. Mistress,
BROOKE, despite her beauty and stature on campus, is as manipulative and evil as they
come. So Madison spends extra time making sure she's perfect for her meeting with
Brooke, from her hair to her stocking hems.

When Brooke arrives, Madison's first mistake is not addressing her as "Miss" Brooke.
As a consequence Madison is reprimanded by a spanking straddling Brooke's lap. For
further punishment, Brooke uses rope to bind Madison to a pole while still fully
dressed, blindfolded and gagged then Brooke departs. Madison begins to wonder
why she wants to be in such a cruel Sorority. She wiggles and writhes out of her
bounds in time to overhear Brooke on the phone telling her sisters that they
intentionally mean to make Madison drop out of pledging -- that their cruelty was
simply an amusement.

Madison is initially hurt, as she struggles and frees herself from her bondage, then
she becomes angry and vengeful. Rather than submitting to Brooke's cruel ways, she
plans her own "initiation" for Brooke.

When Brooke returns, she sees the pile of discarded rope and Madison nowhere in sight.
She contacts her sorority sisters to be on the look out for Madison. When she hangs up,
she is attacked by Madison, who forces a cloth over her face. An intense struggle
occurs with Madison overcoming Brooke. She drags the unconscious Brooke to the bed,
and then unceremoniously tosses her on to it. Madison then takes her time undressing
Brooke from her skirt and sweater, leaving her in her bra, garterbelt, stockings,
panties, and heels. While asleep, Brooke's wrists are tied with rope. But
Madison isn't done with her.

While still dressed in her skirt, sweater and heels, she ascends a ladder and runs a
length of rope through a pulley, the other end attached to Brooke's wrists. Then
Madison takes off her skirt and sweater preparing for an "initiation" Brooke will not
soon forget. Brooke awakes, pulled into a sitting position by Madison's rope and pulley
setup, Brooke's arms expended to their limits above her head. To keep Brooke quiet,
Madison stuffs and wraps a stocking gag on her. Then she attaches leather ankle
restraints on Brooke, forcing her legs apart with a broad spreader bar. Madison then
uses her pulley rig forcing Brooke into a standing position.

Madison teases Brooke with a feather wand on her breasts, fanny and crotch. She writhes
in her binds, her nipples stiffening and becoming erect with the action. Then Madison
uses a thin strand flogger wand and lightly and aggressively whips the tendrils against
Brooke's breasts, crotch, legs, torso and bottom. Brooke acts as if she's outraged, but
Madison's erotic touch is more arousing than offending, as she rolls and twists her
body in acceptance of the teasing and prodding. Madison's final humiliation of Brooke
is to take many photographs of Brooke in her compromised situation. You can bet Madison
will distribute the photos around the campus to let everyone know that being in a
sorority isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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