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Mykelle & Thomas Canterberry.

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Over drinks, Mykelle, an FBI agent, tells Thomas that she is close to uncovering a white
slavery ring in town. focusing on a building near Thomas' office. When she
looks away, Thomas "spikes" her drink.

As she passes out in his arms, he tosses her over his shoulder, revealing her black thigh hi
stockings and print g-string. He carries her, spanking and fondling her fanny, tossing
her on the couch. While Mykelle remains unconscious, Thomas plays with her from head
to toe, taking off her business suit. As she awakes Thomas admits he's the head of the ring,
and now must get rid of Mykelle but offers her a challenge: if she can get out of the house,
he will disappear. She refuses and tries to run. He quickly grabs her from behind and forces
a cloth over her nose & mouth. Now asleep, just in her heels, stockings, g-string and black
bra, he cradle carries her to the glass top dining room table. Taking his time, he fondles her,
gags and ties her spread-eagle to the table. When she awakes, Thomas offers her the
chance to play his game. She struggles to get free, but he overpowers her again, this time
carrying over his shoulder into the bedroom, throwing her on the bed with her first costume.

Mykelle is now dressed as a cheerleader, with a tight sweater, short pleated skirts, shiny
sheer to the waist pantyhose, white socks and sneakers. Quietly, she heads toward the door,
where Thomas catches up with her, placing a cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles
then slumps in his arms. This time, he carries Mykelle's limp body across his shoulders taking
her into the back yard, placing her on a long table and ties her to it. He plays with her body,
sliding his hands up her skirt and sweater until Mykelle awakes. Again, she struggles to get
free until Thomas quiets her with the cloth. He takes off her sweater and skirt, leaving her in
a white bra, white lace g-string under her sheer to waist pantyhose. Then he picks her
up and cradle carries her back to the bedroom, tossing her on the bed.

Mykelle, now dressed as a nurse, wears white stockings and heels. When she attempts
to use the phone, Thomas once again stops her escape with the cloth, allowing her body
to slump limply to the floor. He pulls her up and shoulder carries her to the glass top dining
table, fondling and spanking her fanny as he walks. Slowly, he takes Mykelle's nurses
dress, leaving her in a white see thru bra, lace thigh hi stockings, a white lace g-string,
and heels. The places her face down on the table with her feet dangling off the end. Freely,
he takes his time rubbing and caressing her feet, legs and fanny. Then he uses rope to
hogtie her face down on the table allowing him to fondle her more. Using a cloth, he
knocks Mykelle out again, lifting her and shoulder carrying her to the bedroom,
all the while stroking her legs and bare bottom.

Mykelle now appears in the hallway in black strap heels, black thigh hi stockings, and a
tight black party dress. Once again, Thomas intercepts her with a dose of the cloth,
cradle carrying her to the table outside slapping her fanny and rubbing her legs on the way.
He gags her and uses rope to tie her to the table, lifting her skirt, moving his hands to
her leopard print g-string and up and down her legs. As Mykelle awakes, Thomas gloats
with the fact that he has won the game. He places a gas mask on her face and applies
the gas as Mykelle struggles until she passes out. He then takes off her party dress,
leaving her in a black lace bra, g-string, thigh hi stockings and heels. He pulls up
Mykelle and shoulder carries her through the house, into the garage, and places
her in the back of his SUV and drives off..

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