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Laura Palmer & Lauren Kain.

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LAURA PALMER and LAUREN KAIN are Industrial Spies. Unfortunately, they don't work
for the same employer! Taking a break from working on a secret document, Laura sits
on her sofa and thumbs through a magazine, showing off her luscious legs and
high heels. A knock on her door interrupts her relaxation. She's met at the door by

Lauren, who boldly enters Laura's apartment going directly to the laptop on Laura's
desk seeking a coded file.

Immediately, Laura attempts to protect her document, but Lauren is hell-bent on
acquiring it. The two women struggle, pulling hair and clothing. Finally, Lauren pushes
Laura on the coffee table, straddling her as she applies a cloth over Laura's nose and
mouth, rendering her unconscious.

Lauren then ties Laura to a straight back chair, binding her hands behind the chair,
then her angles, and more rope applied just above her knees on her silky thighs. As
Laura awakes, Lauren wraps several layers of tape over her mouth. Although Lauren
is there to steal the document, she cannot keep from freely fondling Laura, admiring
her beautiful, bound adversary, stroking her legs and breasts at the same time
attempting to coax Laura into giving her the file code numbers. Laura staunchly
refuses, even when Lauren tears open her blouse and fondles her breasts and
seeks the warmth between her legs.

Lauren calls her Boss, explaining Laura's refusal to give her the document. The Boss
insists Lauren use any tactic necessary to get the information. Out of frustration and
anger, Lauren fills the bathtub with water and removes her top. She roughly forces
Laura into the bathroom. The journey is difficult, as Laura is anly able to "hop" to
the tub since she's still bound and gagged.

First standing fully-clothed in the full bathtub, Laura is forcefully pushed down and
submerged into the water as Lauren repeatedly "dunks" Laura's face and body under.
Laura comes up gasping and writhing, but will not give Lauren access to the document
on her laptop. She rips at Laura's wet clothing and completely tears the pantyhose off
Laura's right leg. Despite the dunking and rough treatment, Laura still won't talk.

Finally, Lauren gives up the torture, knowing she won't get anywhere with Laura.
She redresses herself and simply packs up Laura's computer, knowing her technical
specialists will be able to hack into the laptop and acquire any and all information
from the hard drives She bids as fond farewell to Laura and exits, leaving Laura to
figure out her own way to get free of her bonds and the full bathtub.

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