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Laura Palmer & Audrey Perry.

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Audrey wants to steal a new "prototype" blanket & toy for herself but Laura has them
and isn't telling where they are. As Audrey talks to her boss on the phone about the
deal, she paces around, smoking, sipping wine and then finally drops her robe and
begins to dress.

Meanwhile, across town, Laura is cooking up her own scheme to keep the goods for
herself. Working at her computer and smoking, Laura gets a call from her contact.
Ending the conversation, a half dressed Laura moves over to the bed and sensually
enjoys the "magic" blanket's erotic powers for herself.

After Laura stashes the blaket away, she goes into the bathroom to touch up her make-up
and hair. Meanwhile, Audrey is on her way over, determined to catch Laura trying to
cheat her out of their deal. As Laura slowly finishes dressing, Audrey arrives outside
and waits for Laura to leave. Finally, Audrey sees Laura leave out the front of the
building, so she sneaks through the alley and climbs the stairs up the back and breaks
in to lie in wait for Laura's return.

Audrey makes herself comfortable inside while she waits for Laura to return from her
shopping trip. When Laura finally enters, she's not surprised to find Audrey on her
couch with the "magic toy" in hand. After some small talk, Audrey pulls the "toy" out
of the packaging, turns it on disregarding Laura's warning of it's effects and begins
running it up and down herself, pleased with the sensations. When Audrey tries to turn
the "toy" on Laura, she quickly realizes Laura isn't going to give up any information
about the "blanket" easily. But, Audrey's prepared, she grabs Laura by the legs, pulls
her down on her back and quickly produces a cloth to subdue her. After lots of
wrestling & struggling, Laura finally succumbs and goes limp. Now Audrey is free to
take her time preparing Laura for the torture that's in store.

With Laura at her mercy, Audrey takes her time stripping off Laura's skirt and blouse.
Audrey then repositions Laura on the couch and amuses herself by spanking her limp
victim. Eager to get to the real torture and concerned Laura will wake up, Audrey then
gets her onto the bed and binds Laura's ankles, wrists and breasts tightly with rope
and tops it off with a nice duct tape gag. Content Laura isn't going anywhere, Audrey
takes her time searching the place, looking for the "magic blanket", but has little
success. Meanwhile, Laura is coming to and very unhappy with her predicament.
Frustrated, Audrey drags a now fully awake and protesting Laura to her feet, then she
makes Laura hop over to the water filled tub and forces her in. Audrey joins her and
proceeds with her interrogation, forcing Laura under water still bound & gagged.

Audrey has had it! Laura's not talking & times running out, so she amps up the dunking
torture and finally Laura gives in. With the location of the blanket revealed, Audrey
has no more use for Laura, so she puts her back to sleep. Audrey exits the tub and
leaves Laura floating there, still bound tight with ropes. To Audrey's delight, the
"key card" is just where Laura said & so is the "magic blanket"! And of course, Audrey
just can't resist sampling it for herself, sensually rubbing the blanket over her body.

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