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Laura Palmer, Cherish & Melody.

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LAURA and CHERISH, veteran flight attendants for PATRIOT AIRLINES, meet on a layover
in Chicago and look forward to painting the town red. Unfortunately, they are met by
MELODY, another attendant who flies the Asian route . It's clear Melody is an intruder
-- but, being from the same airline, they must be nice and accommodate her, offering
her a ride with their "private driver" to the layover hotel.

During the ride, Melody expresses her interest in the special "S" award medals Cherish
and Laura wear above their flight insignias. Both are elusive and vague regarding
their importance. Nevertheless, Melody continues in her naive way to interrogate the
two about the medals. At the hotel, Cherish and Laura intentionally evade Melody,
choosing instead to stay together in their own room and begin the night with a few
bottles of wine.

Later, the two are tipsy enough to require some adventure. They decide to invite
Melody to their room for some wine, knowing full-well they intend to take total
advantage of their lovely Asian counterpart. Of course, Melody is honored to be
invited, not knowing she will be the brunt of some serious and offensive ridicule by
two members of the elite sorority known as the SECRET SOCIETY OF STEWARDESSES.

Upon her arrival, Melody is attacked by Laura and Cherish and a wicked cloth. The
lovely Asian flight attendant puts up a valiant fight, but is no match for Laura and
Cherish, who take delight in Melody's struggles. The two strip her outer clothing off,
then carry her to a chair, where she's bound, gagged, freely and sensually played with
and fondled. Despite the effects of the cloth, Melody remains feisty and defiant.
Cherish and Laura pick her up and toss her on the bed where she's treated to an
intense spanking session, then carried to the bathtub for an intense "cleansing"
experience for being too curious.

Satisfied with their chastisement, Laura and Cherish leave Melody alone to soak while
they cruise Chicago's amazing array of bars. They return to their room rose-cheeked
and drunk where Melody patiently awaits them.

Both girls are ruthlessly attacked by Melody, who makes quick work of overpowering
both of them, then strips, binds and gags them on the bed. Cherish and Laura are
treated with an array of tickling, fondling and a strong dose of spanking. Little did
they know Melody was actually sent by corporate to observe the two and their "willful
and open contempt" for the sanctity of the Secret Society of Stewardesses. As the two
struggle with their gags and binds, Melody unceremoniously removes the Secret Society
"S" pins from their uniforms, at the same time informing Cherish and Laura they are
not only OUT of the Society, but they are also FIRED!

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