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Madeline Frost, Lauren Kain
Laura Palmer.

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LAURA PALMER, industrial spy, attempts to acquire confidential information from a
competitor, Weisman Data, by posing as a courier from a respected company that
transfers written material to CD-ROM for security MADELINE FROST, Weisman's loyal
assistant is suspicious, refusing the request. But Laura is determined.

When Madeline is at the filing cabinet, Laura attackes her with a cloth. A huge
fight ensues as the women struggle from desk to floor, until Madeline finally succumbs.
Laura then undresses Madeline binding her to an office chair, and gagging her.
Then Laura attempts to find the documents on her own.

Meanwhile, LAUREN KAIN, building security guard, makes her rounds, unaware of the havoc
that's occurred in Weisman's office. As Lauren visits the Ladies Room, the Main
Security Desk informs her Madeline has not made her mandatory check-in. Immediately,
Lauren's concern heightens and decides to personally check in on the Weisman Data and
her friend, Madeline.

Inside Weisman's office, Laura's unsuccessful in her search to find the documents. As
Madeline awakes from her trauma, Laura uses a highly potent serum which breaks down a
victim's inhibitions both intellectually and sexually. Despite Laura's sensual coaxing,
Madeline can only babble incoherently.

Lauren cautiously approaches Weisman's office, opens the door a crack to see what's
going on. First, she sees Madeline in her lingerie, tied to her chair, moaning in a
slow, erotic fashion. Deeper in the office she observes Laura searching through the
filing cabinet. Lauren pounces on the unsuspecting Laura. The two fight furiously,
pulling hair, ripping clothes -- Lauren is determined to overpower the intruder. Using
her skills, Lauren dominates Laura, using her own cloth to render her helpless. She
then binds and gags Laura to a chair while trying to assess the reason for the
intrusion. Madeline moans incoherently and seductively in her bindings unable to give
Lauren any indication or reason for the invasion and attempted burglary.

Aware of the Weisman Data's highly confidential status, Lauren quickly figures out
Laura was attempting to acquire something valuable.
Not being a fool, and having
motives of her own, Lauren takes an immediate interest in the file Laura attempted
to steal. Lauren uses the elixir on Laura to learn the reason for the robbery. Laura
confesses all to Lauren. Greedy for the valuable documents, she uses sensuality
and her friendship with Madeline to tell her the location of the file.

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