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Cherish, Sadie Belle
Laura Palmer.

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"THE CITY" has two Super Women. BLACK SCORPION (CHERISH)is evil and wants to take over
the city. MIDNIGHT BLUE (SADIE BELLE) is ethical and good. Her ally is LAURA PALMER,
City Manager, who helps keep the city safe and secure. Naturally, Good and Evil fight
for supremacy.

Laura's pulse on the City discovers Black Scorpion's plan to take over the town, as
well as expose the real identity of Midnight Blue. Scorpion's further plan is to frame
Midnight Blue for all the misdeeds and criminal activities in the metropolis. Wisely,
Laura puts Midnight Blue's identity and control codes on a disc, hiding this from Black
Scorpion. She contacts Midnight Blue and warns her.

But Black Scorpion is one step ahead. She breaks into Laura's office and she and Laura
have a tooth and claw battle for possession of the disc. Their fight ends with Black
Scorpion using her powerful tazer gun on Laura, rendering her unconscious. She binds
her with rope and stuffs a ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet, then stuffs her
into the trunk of her super vehicle and takes Laura to her lair.

Laura in bra, pantyhose and heels, is bound to a vertical pole as Black Scorpion uses
her wiles and various exotic and electric devices to force her into revealing Midnight
Blue's whereabouts. Midnight Blue expects to meet Laura at their designated spot.
Instead, she's met by Black Scorpion. A true battle of the Powerful Princesses takes
place, both using all their strength to outmatch the other. After a lengthy battle
Black Scorpion is the victor. She forces Midnight Blue into her trunk and takes her

Black Scorpion now has both women in her clutches. Midnight Blue is tied spread eagle
on a bed of slats, while Laura remains bound to the ventricle pole. She fondles and
teases Midnight Blue, using scissors to cut out and reveal her swollen breasts, then
freely fondles her as Laura looks on. Ultimately, Laura tells Black Scorpion the
location of the disc., but when she opens the secret box, thick smoke pours out and
knocks her unconscious.

Next, Black Scorpion finds herself chained in her own dungeon while Laura and Midnight
Blue erotically play with her. Suddenly, Laura uses the powerful tazer on both
Superwomen, rendering them into unconsciousness. Black Scorpion awakes, tied between
the legs of Midnight Blue who is tied to a chair.Both are prodded with an electronic
device by Laura, who reveals her jealously and resentment for both super heroines. At
the end, we learn Laura, knowing everything about both women, now plans to take over
the city herself.

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