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Phoebe Lynch.

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DOCTOR M is a Psychiatrist. His specialty is treating women who are sexually
frustrated. He employs various extreme measures to get them to reveal their
deepest, darkest secrets fears,and fetishes in order to "cure" them of their
inhibitions. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

PHOEBE LYNCH is one of his on-gong challenges. She is sexy, provocative and very
difficult to figure out. Frequently, she uses her beauty and sexuality to distract the
Doctor, teasing and provoking him, desperately trying to avoid confronting her real
demons. Little does she know the good Doctor may be her worst nightmare, and perhaps
the Devil himself as he conjures up a blend of pleasure and pain during their session.

The Doctor uses his "expertise" to prod Phoebe into talking about her fear and
desperate lust to be abducted by a stranger. As she discusses her longings, the
Doctor fondles, then carries her limp body to his daybed, playing and freely touching
her as she unconsciously talks of her thrilling, sensual and pleasurable abduction.

Phoebe, in lingerie, high heels and a raincoat is abducted by knife and knocked out in
a parking structure. She's carried, taken to a dungeon, bound , KO'd and
fondled some more. Her captor then lovingly undresses and redresses her in another
lingerie outfit, all the while, Phoebe describing the action while under his "spell".

During the "fantasy dream", Phoebe awakes and her abductor is forced to put her right
back to sleep. She next finds herself in lingerie and black slip, bent over and tied
tightly to a SPANKING BENCH. Her captor has his way with her, fondling her breasts,
fanny and legs. Although Phoebe tries hard not to admit it, she is erotically
aroused by her submission to this stranger and his authoritative hand as he lifts her
slip and spanks her bottom, while tugging and ripping her stockings from the garter and
through the welt and backseam. Her cries are a mixture of pain and joy as her abductor
indulges himself.

Throughout, Phoebe describes her feelings, both confused and sensual, clearly unable to
decide if she seeks a submissive role, or truly needs one in order to feel alive -- and
desired. The Doctor takes her back to her chair and carefully pulls her from her deep
"sleep", obviously enamored by Phoebe's raw lust to be taken, controlled, and pleased.
With a snap of his fingers, Phoebe awakes, refreshed and totally unaware of her
"confession" or the Doctor's manipulation of her during the session. As always she
promises to be on time for her next meeting with the Dear Doctor...

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