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Double Bill:
Role Playing/The Ties That Bind.

Note: Time shown reflects total time
of double feature.

Lydia Lyles & Laura Palmer.

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LYDIA is a professional cat burglar who preys on beautiful women with extraordinary
style. Her method is to rob during the day when the women are not at home. Today's
victim is LAURA. Lydia is surprised when Laura returns home early, while Lydia is going
through her valuables.

Laura enters her bedroom and she's attacked by Lydia, who knows how to handle herself.
Lydia tosses the frightened Laura on the bed and threatens her with a pair of scissors.
Always prepared for the worst, Lydia forces Laura onto her stomach and deftly ties her
hands behind her back with rope. To make sure Laura's her total captive, she tightly
binds her ankles and her thighs just above the knees. Lydia fondles Laura's lovely gams
then leaves to seek more riches in other rooms.

Laura, in her formfitting white suit, sensually struggles in vain on the bed trying to
free herself, but Lydia's bondage is too secure. She spots a pair of scissors on a
chaise lounge across the room. Using all her strength, Laura wiggles to the edge of the
bed, then awkwardly "hops" over to the chaise, and flops down on it using the scissor
blades to try and cut the rope binding from her wrists.

Before she can get free, Lydia returns, not only angry with Laura's attempt to free
herself, but with the poor quality of Laura's valuables. Lydia pulls Laura to the
floor. Despite Laura's struggling, Lydia manages to add a hog-tie rope between Laura's
wrists and her ankles. With a few tugs on the rope, Laura's long and luscious
pantyhose-clad legs are then attached to her bound wrists. She then places a cloth gag
tightly around Laura's mouth and head.

It's obvious that Lydia has a silky leg fetish and takes full advantage of Laura's
beauty, as she freely and sensually fondles her legs, fanny and feet while Laura
helplessly writhes on the floor, her muffled objections lost in the gag.

Lydia may not have acquired any tangible assets, but certainly gets her money's worth
spending time playing with and enjoying Laura's gorgeous gams. Lydia gathers up her bag
of tools, and takes a final few moments to watch Laura as she rolls and writhes
helplessly on the floor, wistfully sighing that she couldn't take more time
entertaining herself with Laura and her erotic attempts to get free.

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