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Laura Palmer & Lydia Lyles.

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LAURA PALMER, in a silk robe, brushes her hair in her vanity mirror. With each stroke,
she winches in pain because she's spent hours in bondage. Although she loves being tied
up as a damsel in distress, her body aches. She remembered CHERISH raving about Lydia's
"magic hands". Laura calls Lydia and asks for a massage, ASAP. On the phone, Lydia
doesn't mask her obsession about Laura as a bondage model and immediately agrees to
work on Laura at her home.

Lydia arrives in a sheer white top and skirt, and 5" shiny white heels. She's greeted
at the door by Laura in a silky robe and a one-piece black bathing suit. They
immediately like one another. Lydia idolizes Laura and her work as a world-famous
bondage model. She's thrilled to learn Laura loves to be a damsel in distress, tied,
bound and compromised. Laura points out to Lydia that being tied up has it's price,
and a deep massage will be a wonderful reward for all her contractions and
hours of being tied up.

Lydia takes off Laura's robe and positions her on her stomach on the table, puts in an
erotic CD, then places massage oils, and candles about the room, creating a lovely
atmosphere. She sensually applies oils to Laura from toe to head, always aware of
Laura's moans of pleasure as she strokes her legs and thighs and pleasure zones. Laura
falls prey to Lydia's massage, succumbing into a light sleep mode. When the time is
right, Lydia gently applies a cloth over Laura's face ensuring her slumber.

Lydia fondles and explores Laura's lovely body. Sensually, she turns Laura onto her
back, her breasts spilling from her bathing suit. As Lydia indulges herself, Laura
begins to awake. Lydia uses the cloth again and Laura falls right back to sleep. This
time, Lydia uses scarves to tie Laura's hands above her head, as well as her ankles.

Lydia licks, kisses and fondles Laura in bondage using oils and her special vibrating
massage instrument. Groggily, Laura writhes with pleasure as Lydia implements her
hands, oils and tools. Lydia takes off her blouse and skirt, climbing on the
massage table in her bra, panties, thigh high stockings and heels, rubbing herself
against Laura's gorgeous body. At this time, Laura awakes, stunned by the fact she's
been bound to the table. Lydia admits to Laura that binding and massaging her was a
fantasy come true. Lydia then knocks her out one final time for a few more moments of
selfish pleasure. Lydia softly removes herself from Laura on the massage table, and
puts on her clothes. Sated and equally satisfied, Laura praises Lydia's perfect
massage, unaware of what really just happened, then awards Lydia with an
autographed photo of herself, signed - XOXO LAURA.

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